Self Management Of Leisure Behaviour In The Workplace And Its Impact On Productivity

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The following four articles were selected for annotation due to their relevance, accuracy and quality. The topic investigated was the self-management of workplace leisure behaviour and how it impacts productivity in the workplace.

This study examined the positive effects of workplace internet leisure browsing on productivity levels. The study argued that internet browsing was an unobtrusive interruption enabling restoration of mental capacity in the workplace while fostering feelings of autonomy. Cocker (2011) made use of three validated case studies examining the effects of interruptions and breaks on task performance in order to conduct the study. The major finding of the paper was that provided internet browsing time did not exceed around 12 per cent of work time and bursts of recreational use were kept short, they would have a more positive effect on productivity than longer sessions. The results complement the applications of Self-Determination Theory (SDT) in organisational settings which correlates well with other research being completed for the literature review (see Deci & Ryan, 2000). This supported the notion that browsing the internet during short breaks had a positive correlation between having workplace autonomy and connectivity while improving competence. Further research suggested by this study included research into the negative impact on task performance where it may be intruding on an individual’s concentration when working on a task requiring a high amount of cognitive resources.

The Self-Determination Theory (SDT) presented in this study has been used in many reliable journals since being conducted. In their original study, Deci and colleagues (1989) made a critical connection between self-determination and enhanced creativity. More specifically, the study examined both extrinsic and intrinsic forces of motivation proposing that autonomy would have a positive effect on worker motivation. The motivation of individual behaviour was investigated by using self-determination at work scale. The research also went on to investigate the idea that promoting self-determination would require the significant other, or in our case, the work supervisor’s context. They must be able to understand and acknowledge the needs of their employees. Results to the study revealed that allowing workers to have greater autonomy let them believe there was more loyalty in the workplace. In relation to our study, this suggests that giving restrictions to workers or limited internet access may have a detrimental effect on work motivation.

Thomack (2012) examined the productivity side of maintaining motivation in the workplace. The study looked at the workforces as a place of increasing workload highlighting the importance of time management at work. The article was distinct in explaining the importance of having good self-management in order to accomplish what needs to be done in the time available – setting...

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