Self Management Team Essentials Essay

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DQ #1: Describe a process that ensures all decisions utilize the collective wisdom of the team

The increasing complexity and speed of economic and social process emphasizes the importance of ability to make sound and timely group decisions. “The uncertainty and the complexity of internal and external organizational environments need to be a critical part of their decision-making processes” (De Dea Roglio, & Light, 2009, p.156).
Organizational structures are becoming more and more flat and decision making diffuses, as more and more organizations recognize that their success depends on employees’ insights as well as on proliferating partnership with customers, suppliers and even competitors, ...view middle of the document...

When making a choice between group decision and individual decision the overall value is judged with consideration of (a) time, (b) cost, (c) nature of the problem, (d) satisfaction and commitment, and (e) personal growth (Hitt, Black, & Porter, 2004).
When selecting group members for participative decision making one should remember that collective wisdom depends on members’ reasonable diversity and appropriate balance of their independence – interdependence (Bausch, 2008). Proper selection raises efficiency of the outcomes as it allows avoiding such group decision making disadvantages as social pressure, promotion of personal interest, or groupthink.
Group decision making process differs from the individual one. “Individual decision making is the act of making up one’s mind. Team decision making is the process through which a team chooses an alternative” (Effective, 2012). Irrespectively of which technique is used further – generation of ideas (brainstorming, nominal technique) or their evaluation (Delphi, fish-bowling), there are common approaches to be used to facilitate group decision making. It is necessary to (a) collect all relevant information and weight pros and cons of each choice, (b) consider all possible choices, then (c) select the most appropriate choice, and (d) develop and implement action plan, monitor results, make necessary adjustments accordingly.
Group decision making allows accumulating more expertise and knowledge, gaining more acceptance and higher level of satisfaction, motivation to contribute. Creation of opportunities for employees to shape a change and "own" it through informal and multilevel peer-to-peer network multiplies efficiency of reforms.

DQ #2: What is the other side of empowerment that organizational structures do not allow?

The XXI century’s distinguishing feature is an increased consumer demand to product customization (Keillor, Kohut, Walsh, & Hauskenecht, 2011). Customer focus, enhancement and balancing of the companies’ core competencies forces them to develop change agility and to respond promptly to competitive dynamics in the global market.
Many firms have recognized that employees are not just receivers and executors of orders and instructions, but rather contributors to entrepreneurial culture, bearers of innovative ideas and co-pilots of the company’s overall success. Delegating formal authority to make specific decisions to team members is becoming increasingly important, and more and more organizations transfers their governance model toward self-managing work teams. “Those companies that are able to respond rapidly to changing customer requirements tend to focus more on managing processes, which are the horizontal, market facing sequences of activities that create value for customers” (Christopher, 2012, p.6).
Power is the potential or ability to marshal and control material and intangible resources to influence decisions and get something done. Empowerment as the process of sharing...

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