Self Mutilation Essay

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Main Entry: self–mu•ti•la•tion
Pronunciation: -"myüt-&-'lA-sh&n
Function: noun
: injury or disfigurement of oneself
Psychological characteristics of self-injurers

     Hate themselves, feel inadequate
     Tend to suppress rage
     Are usually angry , most of the time at themselves
     Are very sensitive to rejection
     Have aggressive feelings which usually get turned inward
     Are anxious and irritable
     Tend to be depressed suicidal and self destructive
     Are bad at controlling impulses, and do things for how they feel at the time
     Tend not to plan for the future, and do not put effort into excelling at work or school
     Tend to be avoidant
     Feel as if they have no control
     97% are women
     57% overdose on drugs along with the injuring
Self mutilation is a subject that we are all aware of, but don’t usually try to learn more about. When you think of self mutilation you think of cutters and suicide attempts right? Well that is right to some extent; Yes Cutting is the most common self injuring method , but other severe forms of self mutation include…burning , self hitting , interference with wound healing hair pulling and bone breaking. In the following Paragraphs I will elaborate on each of these subjects more, as well as esthetic self mutilation, while focusing on cutting.

     Cutting is a very touchy subject, people don’t like to talk about it and because of that people tend to feel that they are the only one in the world who does it. Now because of the internet and such people can become more aware of others all around that world who do it too. They can become more aware about why they feel the need to cut and by identifying the problem help to find a way to stop. I have conducted two personal interviews of females between the ages of 13-18 who wish to remain anonymous. They went as follows…
Why cut? “Many reasons, depression mental unstableness, boredom.”
Is it addictive? “Yes Very. Actually I started by accident, found a knife and wanted to see it was sharp, turns out its was, lol… It actually felt really good and I just started doing it more and more.”
Is it dangerous? “Well sure it is a bit. But I guess that’s kind of what draws people to it. But it’s not really...

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