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Defining Self PerceptionKnowing yourself is the first step in understanding the significance and impact of our self-concept. Self-perception is a concept lived in the real. None can know you better than you know yourself. It is commonly used to refer the information of one's particular mental states, including one's desires, beliefs and sensations.Often it is used to refer to knowledge about a carrying on self ontological nature, personality traits or identity conditions. Self-perception, in short, is how we as human beings come to recognize ourselves (Folsom 54).Human beings decide on their own attitudes and sentiments from watching themselves act in diverse situations. This is predominantly factual when internal cues are so weak or perplexing them effectively put the person in the same place as an external spectator.Self Perception TheorySelf Perception Theory provides an alternative elucidation for cognitive dissonance effects. Taking the example of Festinger and Carlsmith's experiment where people were compensated $1 or $20 to lie. Cognitive dissonance says that group felt bad about lying for $1 as they could not rationalize the act of lying. Self perception takes spectator's view, concluding that those individuals who were paid $1 must have really enjoyed it (as $1 does not rationalize the act of lying) whilst those who were compensated $20 were just doing it for the money. This specifies how shifting people's attitudes happen only when two factors are there:•They are provoked, feeling the uneasiness of dissonance.•They associate the cause of this to their own attitudes and behaviors.Self-ReflectionTo start with, I would like to recapitulate my own personality. I am rather relaxed, calm and less pessimistic. Besides, I am a little bit predictable and not too much talkative. In addition, I am not too helpful and accommodating to others. Finally, I am trustworthy and prolific.One of my distinctiveness is that, I...

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