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Self Positioning And Re Positioning Reflection On Career Exposure Project

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Having discovered my interest in the editing and publishing profession while I was on exchange at the University of Melbourne, I started building my own professional profile on LinkedIn and have maintained contact with practitioners from the publishing industry in Melbourne and Hong Kong.
Upon returning to the University of Hong Kong, I was greatly inspired by the Career Exposure Project, thinking that it would be an eye-opening opportunity for me to take a glance at the publishing industry in Hong Kong. I had always positioned myself as a linguistic student with remarkable academic records and strong analytical abilities, which seemed to match the requirements for an editor. With much ...view middle of the document...

It is no easy job to make sure that the in-house staff in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Malaysia are all on the same page, and to overcome the language and culture difference during cooperation. This meeting greatly facilitated my understanding of the role and daily routine of as a member of the team. Being a good editor is not limited to proofreading, translating, and analysing; it also requires interpersonal communication skills and great patience. This was the first moment that I realized that my initial self-positioning might need to be re-directed. Additionally, although I have benefited a lot from listening to the discussion, I do wish that I had come up with some questions and even briefly interview some editorial assistants about their responsibilities, so as to look at the editing profession from an “insider’s” perspective.
Another highlight of my day-visit is the editorial task that Mr. Lau assigned me, ‘validation of dictionary translations’. While tackling this task, I positioned myself as a linguistic student with strong analytical abilities, only to realize that the task was much harder than I had imagined because it required full professional competence of both language systems and the ability to switch between them according to circumstantial needs. At some points, the lexicons and sample sentences became so confusing that I found myself a little frustrated at the tasks, and I struggled to finish the tasks on time. But with an IELTS score of 8.0 and a GPA of 4.0, what could have possibly gone wrong? Was I unsuitable for the role? Or did I overlook my weakness and have too much confidence in myself? By now, the question of “how I should position myself” began to blur in my head, and I decided to pursue the answer to this question as I moved on to interview Mr. Lau.
Therefore, during the thirty-minute interview with Mr. Lau at the end of my visit, I prepared a series of questions and aimed to discuss with my host if there was any problem with my self-positioning. Initially, my biggest curiosity lay in what kind of qualities or abilities OUP would expect from a job applicant, and whether I could receive some feedback on my career-seeking strategies. Mr. Lau offered his insight from an employer’s perspective, from which I learned that when the publishing houses look for a potential editor or editorial assistant, they do not always look at how much work...

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