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Self Presentation And Dispositions Essay

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Self-presentation deals with the social self, while dispositions deal with the nature of the social self. Self-presentation is presenting to others the person that we want them to believe that we are. Dispositions, on the other hand, are the internal factors that make up who we really are, including traits of neuroticism, which is described as anxious and emotionally unstable and impulsive. It appears that much of the public and political arena is baffled at Senator John McGee’s unusual behavior. What would cause him to behave the way he did and what factors came into play the night that lead to his arrest? In our research of Senator John McGee we will see signs of neuroticism exemplified in his disposition through his risky and impulsive behavior. We will also see self-presentation demonstrated as he tries to “save face” when he is arrested for grand auto theft and a DUI.
Self-presentation - Kearney
Have you ever heard, “You only have one chance to make a first impression?” Now, whether you choose to be yourself or you choose to be who you thought someone wanted you to be, a conscientious decision was made. Presenting who we would like others to believe we are is self-presentation (Gilovich, Keltner, & Nisbett, 2011). Now answer another question for me, under the correct circumstances, do you think that everyone has the ability to lie about information or details about themselves?
In this paper, I will attempt to explain Senator John McGee, Joe Carleton, Sean and Laurie Marron’s behavior during and after John McGee’s arrest. John McGee, a father of two, serves as senator for District 10 in Idaho. McGee also serves as Senate Majority Caucus chairman and chairman of the Canyon County Republican Central Committee ( He is what we would call “an outstanding citizen”. An outstanding citizen is someone who is law abiding, a positive role model, and someone that goes above and beyond what is expected of them in their community. Therefore, when the police arrived on the scene of the alleged DUI and grand theft auto case, McGee’s self-presentation was important. McGee was to look like a victim of circumstance and not one of a guilty criminal.
As the police normally do when arriving at the scene, they began questioning the witnesses. Joe Carleton, the homeowner where the vehicle was found, was questioned about McGee’s appearance. “He was in a state of confusion. He was disoriented.”
Carleton said. “It was almost like somebody slipped him something” (
Since Carleton is a neighbor of McGee’s parents, I believe that this is why he went along with this impression management story. This was Carleton’s attempt to control the officers’ belief that McGee was a victim of circumstance. Carleton even goes on to say, “He was belligerent, he wasn’t slurring. I didn’t think that he was drunk. I think there was something other than alcohol” ( However, the officers were not buying Carleton’s story. The police report...

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