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Self Preservation For The Sake Of Recreating Society

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The idea that self-preservation is more vital to the continuation of humankind than sacrificing one’s self for another. I am basing this idea on the lack of inrotrovertism in society. Our species has become too dependent on each other. As a whole we are a communal creature that thrives on relationships and interpersonal communication. That being said, we have moved away from that with the creation of social media and we cannot have conduct healthy interpersonal communication through social media.
Overall my topics will include: Self-preservation, Evolution, interpersonal communication, society, and a introvert vs. extrovert dialog.
Proposed Thesis
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Tradition is just another word for brainwash. Because the group does A, the individual must do A and will be punished if B is attempted.
• Society at large is corrupt, unjust, and disgusting.
1. Social Media
2. Corrupt governments
-North Korean
3. Perversion goes unpunished
-A rapist does not serve a life term. This should be amended to a death penalty or life imprisonment. After a person shows that they cannot act correctly in society they should no longer be a part of society.
• Joys/pains of introvertism
1. Joys
-Alone forever
-Knowing you’re better than everyone else. (Joking)
2. Pains
-Fear of public speaking
Oppositional Views and Proposed Negation
“Family is more important.” Family is another form of community, community means society, and as I said before society is corrupt. A short and easy example is the Barbie doll. The Barbie doll is “model” for what women should look like according to society. Although as of late we have proved that the dimensions of a Barbie doll are unrealistic for a woman to actually be, a lot of the modern world believes that women should be similar to Barbie’s shape and size. The Barbie is also a perfect example of subliminal messaging. No one noticed that...

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