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Self Defense Is The Answer Essay

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In today’s world it is extremely common to know common terms such as self-defense. According to the legal dictionary, the term for self-defense is “the use of reasonable force to protect oneself or members of the family from bodily harm from the attack of an aggressor, if the defender has reason to believe he/she/they is/are in danger” (Search Legal Terms). Now if someone is asked what self-defense means, of course any adult would know exactly what the term meant. However if a child were to be questioned what self-defense means, many would be puzzled on what exactly self-defense is or what it is even used for. As crime rises in today’s world, this raises a concern if a student were ever find himself in a life threatening situation, would he even know how to properly defend himself? Schools should be looking for answers to discover ways to protect defenseless kids. An answer to this chaos would be to offer self-defense classes in schools, to give students the life learning lesson of protecting one’s self. However, this controversial topic is not accepted by every school board. Even though some school boards argue that schools who offer self-defense classes are ultimately encouraging violence, they are incorrect because these classes should be available in schools to offer students the ability to feel safe and to build self-discipline.

First and foremost, school boards, who dispute that schools who offer self-defense classes are encouraging violence, are incorrect, because in reality these classes offer students the ability to feel safe. Many students who walk to school and from school are the ones who desire to feel safe. Even parents who are at work don’t feel 100% confident knowing there kid is walking where dangers lurk in the shadows. The federal government, has reported 50,000 missing persons cases in 2001 and many of these cases involved children under 18 (America's Missing). These statistics should raise a concern for parents to begin taking action before these numbers of missing children keep rising. Even though, parents know just how much danger lurks, they seem helpless and do nothing about it. However, if schools begin to offer self-defense classes to children and young adults, they would be effectively preparing these kids if they were ever attacked or assaulted. Paula S. Fass, author of “Kidnapped” and professor at the University of California, claims that “it is older female children (between eleven and seventeen years of age) rather than young boys who are the most common victims of abduction” (Fass 259). Fass is not far from the truth by claiming that female children are usually the ones faced with more danger than males. For instance, “two high school girls reported being physically assaulted and threatened” on their way to school and “both were able to escape without being physically harmed by a young man between the ages of 18 and 24” (Class builds confidence). Both girls managed to escape to safety because of their...

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