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Self Reflection About A Class Essay

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This is my first semester at State College. For me, it is the very first step for my journey of studying design. The reason why I decided to take this class was that I wanted to try and see if I like enough to continue studying this field or not. Also I’ve wanted to study design and computer programming, so I thought web design was the perfect combination of the fields that I was interested in. Before I started this class, I thought web design is all about making pretty and convenient websites, so I thought graphic design skill is more important than logical thinking or technical process. However, based on what I’ve learned from this class so far, I’ve realized that web designers are ...view middle of the document...

Through the assignments that I’ve done in this class so far, I’ve learned how to plan a web design project and where to start. I believe what I’ve learned from here will help me to organize and lead website projects in the future if I work as a web designer/ or web project manager. Especially, this experience will help me to see the whole project processes. I’ve learned the whole processes are closely related to each other, so even though each process needs to focus its own part, still requires communicating with other parts of the project. This will give me the better perspective to work through the project.
Also, from the assignments, I’ve learned that web design is mostly about users, not the clients and designers. Even though my client and I are happy about the project result, it is still not successful if the users have a hard time to use the website. It made me think about what I need to focus on when I work on a project in the future. What will be considered as the best outcome for me as a web designer? Will it be my client’s compliments? Or user-friendly website?
As much as I enjoyed learning new things about web design, I also faced many challenges. The biggest issue that I had was that I was not sure I was doing right. Since everything I learned was pretty new to me, I kept thinking that I might be doing it wrong. That uncertainty made me re-do all the work from the beginning, or it made me to spend, somewhat waste a lot more time on research. However, I do not regret that I spent lots of time on more reading and researching. Because the resources that I gained from all those reading help me to go toward the right direction. Especially, when I did the wireframe assignments, I read extra articles and blog posts about wireframes, and saw many wireframe examples and other actual auto-shop websites. That gave me the better ideas to do my assignments.
I think I’ve been doing well with assignments because I try my best to bring all I know and put all the knowledge that I know about into the assignments. I’ve been trying to think more and research more as much as I can before I do the assignments. But, sometimes I feel I don’t have enough time to understand all...

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