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Self Reflection By Mirror Essay

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I am writing to you that I analyze Raina Kelley’s “Beauty is Defined, and Not By You” a short article which is one of the requirement article to determine we should or should not publish to the Shorthorn. In my opinion, we should publish the Raina Kelley’s article of the body because she had expressed the main point between the difference of beauty and appearance by using logo, pathos and ethos that consider to UTA community such as relationship, employment, health, and economic. It all relates to UTA living standard. Obviously, women and teen in UTA community are likely to read about this article than men do. By reading Kelly’s article, it helps students concentrate with their knowledge ...view middle of the document...

Because base on UTA community as today, students and faculty are still caring about beauty appearances. They dressed nicely to class along with make-up and fashion haircut style. In addition, women are mostly responding to Kelly’s article when men don’t care about it at all.
Kelly supported her claim as she reference to the market research firm NDP from 2008 to 2009, women spend down 6 percent on beauty product and the U.S beauty industry stand in with $ 20 billion on us along with some examples. These address the reason of “Women and teen are spending less money on beauty products.” She determined that there are also women employees in the House of Senate and have earned undergraduate/ graduate degree in medical and law field today to establish her first reason which women have equal right as men in present day that different from the past when women have no equal right with men in the past in history. Furthermore, the author indicated that women are less appealing with beauty market and 86 percent of American women are married at least once by the age of 40 proofs that women are likely to have a family without only the beauty standard and can determine the age for married after they have earned some money for their future. These evaluated that women are seeking the kingdom of knowledge skills before they get married and start their new life with family and similarly to UTA community. Indeed, most of UTA students are single and dating relationships status, living on campus and majoring in nursing school at UTA in early age before they walk out into the real life world with knowledge skills and experiments which mean the students are focusing more on their study rather than on their looks. Women are more progressive in job fairs than before so, it puts men in the hard way in the workplace to challenges. Its open eyes to the world for both female and male without request a beauty standard to have an opportunity.
In all honestly, author does not care about beauty standard as she goes along in the article and she supported it with examples such as all “women have come term with their own self-respect” and be a thoughtful person as make a list of everything and compare it with what accomplish you. These indicated that we need to have a professional way to reach through achievement. It is very important to act professionally at work or public place to show respect and emotion of delight and willing to work hard. The author indicated the example of the way “Angelina Jolie came to interview without self-respect appearances with flip-flops and dirty jean, so she has trouble getting hired.” These factors show that it is hard for other people to have trust on you base on your appearance, not on your beauty and this given the ideas to the students how to appear on interview, conference or public place. UTA students are well organized, professional living standard appearance and...

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