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Self Reflection Essay

1235 words - 5 pages

After reviewing the work I have done throught this course, the evaluation sheets my instructor filled out, and talking with my instructor about each asignment, I have decided that I have consistently and accurately met the requirements for this course. I have developed many skills that have prepared me to succeed at new writing tasks. Due to the evidence in my portfolio, and the skills I have developed throughout this semester, I believe that I should clearly pass this class.
1This course has helped me establish the writing skills neccessary to accomplish my explicit purpose with a specific audience remarkably well. Some of the ways I have learned to achieve my purpose with a specific audience is to avoid implying negative things about that audience, back my points with reliable sources, and acknowledge other points of view with a fair response. Examples of these can be found in my argument with sources paper about off campus public speakers getting out of line and how the students and faculty of BGSU could handle this situation. Rather than implying that the faculty had not been working hard enough, I stated that they were performing their jobs very well and that they should "go the extra mile" to increase awareness of campus policies. I also cited other standing university policies to add credit to the extreme steps that I suggested for controlling the behavior off campus speakers and securing a safer campus environment. I acknowledged the objections to instating such policies, mainly the worry of legal issues, and replied with cases of other universities that had been taken to court and found to be within legal limits. I have learned that these are necessary skills for achieving my specific purpose with a specific audience and feel I have developed these skills very well throughout the semester.
2 GSW 1120 has helped me develop the skills neccessary to critically analyze writing. I learned how to analyze complex peices of writing accurately and to focus on ideas that these writings contain. In my 5th essay, I was required to critically analyze a childrens book in order to decide if it met the criteria for the CBC's booklist. I have also learned how to analyze potential sources, such as articles and websites, and determine their credibility and relevence. Looking at details such as when the source was published, who published it, who wrote, and the works cited throughout the source has helped me to determine the accuracy of these potential sources. Because I have learned more efficient ways to analyze writing, I can provide more productive and perceptive feedback to peers than I could before. I have also found that learning to analyze other writing critically has enabled me to more accurately analyze the strengths and weaknesses of my own work. 3This course has helped me to develop new and successful personal writing processes. Before the beginning of this semester, I had much difficulty writing any type of essay. The first essay I wrote this...

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