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Self Reflective Essay

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The documentary “Rize” by David LaChapelle, focuses on the lives of Black Americans who live in South Central Los Angeles and the struggles they go through in their daily lives. Moreover the film also introduces two types of dancing groups that they have in the community. These dance groups are meant to keep the youths and children occupied and distracted from all the problems that have been going on in their community, such as the LA riot. The two styles of dancing are Clowning and Krumping. Clowning was created by Tommy the Clown in 1992. Tommy used to be a formal drug dealer, he went from having his life together to losing all his money and house. However, instead of doing nothing ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, Clowning and Krumping has changed many of their lives tremendously, it has also given them the opportunity to have something to do and do what they love. “We have the belief that we can be somebody and that were gonna be somebody. Were gonna. Were gonna rise, no matter what.”(Dragon, Rize) These dancing groups help them realize that they can become whatever they want in life and that their future should not be determined by where they come from. Dancing help them to stay away from gangs and keeps them occupied, because in their community they have “all the Clowns on one side and the gangs on one side.”(Larry’s Mom, Rize) In other words, they only have two choices, you either become a dancer or you join a gang. As a result, most of them depend on group dancing as a form of comfort and survival, and they also able to express their feeling through these form of art. There are no limitations when they are dancing because this is how they express their feelings, especially for Krump dancers this is a way of life. The painting of their faces like warrior and the aggressiveness of their dance moves shows how passionate they are about dancing and expressing their feelings. Some of their dance moves might seem aggressive to other but if you analyze it, you will be able to understand that they are telling their story. A story is being expressed through movement such as Krumping and Clowning. The stories which they express at times can portray historic events, emotions and personal experiences. These dancers spend countless hours dancing and performing in little circle or in dance battles, to them dancing is more than just a form of art but a way of life, it has become part of their daily routine. Dancing to them is a way of sending their message and a form of communicating without actually speaking, It gives them a sense of life and lets them be themselves. Above all, dancing reflects their passion and has become a huge part in their lives.
Taking this into account, one can say that dancing has had a tremendous effect in their lives. Additionally, Clown and Krump dancing, has given them the opportunity to channel their feelings and emotions into dancing. For instance, dancing relaxes their mind and when they are dancing it more than just a movement but a spiritual connection. For example, what happened to...

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