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Self Reflective Essay

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During the course of the quarter, I feel that I have progressed somewhat. I've gained a lot of knowledge on rhetorical strategies and how to present arguments effectively. In the writings I have written, I feel that each writing works towards meeting the course goals. Logos, ethos, and pathos were strategies and ideas we were introduced to (if not already in the past) and were built upon throughout the quarter. The knowledge gained over the course of the quarter weren't only those three types of appeals. Rhetorical strategies like proposals helped reinforce the course and using rhetorical analysis in different situations have become easier throughout the quarter. I believe that I have made sufficient progress towards becoming a better writer this way.
My first major writing in the quarter was shaky and quite uncertain in some areas. The autobiographical paper addressed my life and how certain items would represent parts of me or who I am in general. With this being the first major assignment, my usage of rhetorical strategies was vague and unsure. This most likely was because logos, ethos, and pathos weren't addressed very clearly and rhetorical analysis was pathetic at most for my first attempt. “It would have items inside that represent me in their own unique ways. Ranging from small to large, simple to complex, literal to abstract. This Cornell box would represent who I am as a person, who I see myself as, and who I am in the world” (Ngo Autobio 1). I would attempt to rhetorically analyze myself using the box in the manner quoted above and although I made a good start, the rest of the writing failed to address a major part of the course goal. As the quarter went by, I learned a lot more about strategies and simpler things like grammar. In my revision, I attempted to analyze the box again and put my newer knowledge into it. “Together the pieces argue the logos, ethos, and pathos of my life. The logos of the box would be derived from . . . The pathos of this box could be interpreted from . . . The ethos of this box can be recognized from . . .” (Ngo Autobio 4). Also, I addressed one the course goal in revising my writing and using feedback to help facilitate this. In this paper alone, I feel that I have made some progress in the course (mainly using logos, ethos, and pathos as a rhetorical strategy in this paper).
My second pieces of writings (two proposals) reflected my progress in the ability to to use feedback and revise my writings which was a course goal. In this case, many rhetorical strategies were employed. Revisions weren't as simple as changing grammar and using correct punctuation (although that was something that helped me grow as a writer). A change of style was implemented from my “Cornell-styled Box Project Proposal #1” to my revision. I also used feedback I received to rewrite many parts of my rewrite. Effectively using feedback has helped me move towards the course goals since revisions were never my strong point. This...

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