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Self Reflective Paper

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A. I first became interested in the field of counseling from my experience as a Resident Assistant. During RA training, I loved learning basic counseling skills and applying all that I learned through my psychology classes to my interactions with residents. My favorite type of counseling is from Rogers, as I love reflecting back to the helpee all that I’ve heard to ensure that I best understood all that they said to me. I believe that is a great issue in communication with others, often you are not really listening to what the person is saying, only hearing everything that is being said. I knew that I could be a good counselor from my interactions with residents. I enjoyed seeing them answer their own questions and solve their own problems without me having to give them much instruction. My interest in the field of counseling grew through my experiences working with students through the Equip Academic Success Program at Eastern University, where I serve as a peer counselor to “at-risk” first year students who need assistance beginning their first year of college. I also work with students on the autism spectrum through the College Success Program. It is a wonderful experience being able to watch students transform as the year progresses. I have also enjoyed helping the youth at my church deal with the issues that children face throughout the school year. I have found pleasure in being the helper in all situations. Through these experiences, I have wanted to be a counselor.
B. I do believe that I have a large number of strengths that will benefit me as a counselor. It could be that I am the stereotypical introvert who loves listening to people and spending time in small groups of people. It could be that I am a sensing type of person or that I lean towards my feelings. Others might say that it is a result of my judging aspect of my personality. I personally believe that I am an empathetic person; I enjoy feeling with people and have an innate ability to step into someone else’s shoes and experience what they are feeling. Looking into Helping Skills by Kottler, “Pure empathy means you are crawling inside someone else” (p. 58). I believe that it is an art to be able to become someone else and feel what they are feeling. When I spend time with my friends and they tell me something that happened to them, I am able to almost experience the event with and for them. Other skills that I acquire are tracking, being warm and engaging, and great listening skills. It may be that I am a curious person when it comes to getting to know other people’s stories, but I love to talk about what others want to talk about. As someone who typically does not enjoy starting a conversation, sitting back and hearing what someone else has to say and getting more in depth about that specific topic is something that comes naturally to me. This correlates with what I believe to be my top skill, reflective listening (Kottler, p.89). As a resident assistant, there were many...

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