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Self Reliance Essay

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Our Country’s Biggest Problem: Conformity in Politics
In our nation’s history we have had some great politicians who not only did their duty in their office, but cared about the people they were serving in office. But in today’s society, we don’t really see that anymore. We see politicians doing whatever they have to, to win over their people, instead of caring for their needs. Many politicians go vote within party lines, which just causes more problems than it helps! Not only do we see this in our leaders but we also can find it in the people interested in politics or care about the future well-being. We see many people, when it comes to issues important to them just going with the side that they are told benefits them rather than finding out what is best for them on their own. In “Self Reliance” Ralph Waldo Emerson argues that if we are to trust ourselves rather than others, we can be happier than those than conform to ...view middle of the document...

Many politicians make these promises to either help them win re-elections or to get nominated for a higher position in the government. We also see many
We see conformity more when it comes to issues that are big to a particular party. For example, I was just reading an article about Obamacare. A Democratic Congressmen and almost all other Democrats that have a say, still support it. They support it after the website is still giving people fits. They still support it after approximately 3.3 million people, a little more than 1% of the United States’ population have enrolled. This to me sounds like Democrats are supporting it because they are either being forced to or they are just trying to make other Democrats like them. I am sure that most of those people that still support it don’t actually believe it is a good idea, or that it is going to work. Yet people high up in our government still support it. This just shows me that a lot of government conforms to what their party wants or to whatever will help them get re-elected.
Not only are the leaders and parties showing conformity but also the voters as well. The greatest example of this is those in the Democratic party that are looking forward to the 2016 Presidential election. It seems everyone thinks that Hillary Clinton would make a great President, but when asked what some of her accomplishments were, supporters could not provide one. These same people were asked, “What’s something that she has that stands out from the rest of the possible candidates?” their almost immediate response was that she was a woman. This is a ridiculous form of conformity. One person made the comment she would be the first female President ever and instead of looking at her record, her supporters looked at her gender.
Conformity is almost everywhere in the United States. It is in the media, schools, work and especially politics. The government leaders conform to their party lines, the parties conform to their agenda rather than their beliefs and the voters conform to what they are told is the best option. Until we can eliminate conformity in politics our country will never begin to prosper again. We only will continue on this downward slide we are already on.

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