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Selfish And Selfless Essay

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In Lois Lowry’s novel, “The Giver”, the characters with light colored eyes all have a rare gift; they see the community in a different way. Once Jonas, the main character, becomes the newest Receiver of Memory, he is told that only he and the Giver notice those differences. Jonas, uses the memories The Giver transmits to him to discover the differences in the community and Elsewhere. He learns about past experiences that have been transmitted to him; the newest Receiver of Memory. Jonas wants to leave the community to discover the truth about Elsewhere and what is there. While Jonas’ motivating factors to leave the community are for the selfish reason to experience life, he additionally ...view middle of the document...

The Giver has to stay in order to insure that the community will be able to understand the past and guide them to the truth about life and being able to live.“When your memories return they’ll need help” (Lowry 156). If the Giver leaves with Jonas, he cannot help the community to understand the memories and guide them through the pain. He does not want to go, because he wants to be with Rosemary after explaining the memories to the community. He does not want to deal with the pain of carrying the world’s memories any longer. “And having you here with me over the past year has made me realize that things must change. For years I’ve felt that they should, but it seemed so hopeless. ‘Now for the first time I think there might be a way...” (Lowry 155). The Giver and Jonas develop a plan for Jonas to go Elsewhere and never come back.
The Giver tells Jonas that he must leave and go to Elsewhere so that the community will be able to have pain from the memories and come together to show love towards one another through the pain. “If you get away, if you get beyond, if you get to Elsewhere, it will mean that the community has to bear the burden themselves, of the memories you had been holding for them” (Lowry 156). If Jonas leaves, the community will have to face the memories of the past that he had. Considering that the plan changed because of Gabe being released the next morning, Jonas had to reevaluate his plan to leave. “If I go with you, and together we take away all their protection from the...

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