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Selfishness For The Love Of Others

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Is there anything wrong with being selfish? Most people would answer yes to that question. However, what if your selfishness is only to allow you to benefit others. For the most part we are raised not to be selfish and to share with friends and family members. Most parents have given a great sacrifice to rear their children usually lasting 18 plus years. That isn't being selfish. And it isn't selfish being Grandparents either. But there comes a time when one has to think outside the box. Looking into the future when questions arise. The what if scenario. More and more you ask yourself what if this, or what if that happens. It comes out of the blue. Something triggers your mind to start considering the older generation and the younger ones to. Normally something dramatic happens to start this process like a parent dying. But it can be as innocent as a parent falling or just being ill.
My parents always said, that they were not going to be around forever. In my mind they were. So I pretty much ignored the request from mom, that I had better learn how to make biscuits from scratch. Now I wish I had. My grandmother always said that there comes a time when the parent becomes the child, and the child becomes the parent. This is so true in the later years of life. The parental submission for the child to care for the parent comes with major problems. Normally it becomes a battle. Parents not wanting to lose their ability to make decisions and their independence. After telling the child what to do for sixty or seventy plus years, the role reversal is freighting for both parties involved. Definitely enough to keep you awake at nights. Everyday seems to be just like the day before. The battle continues over how functional the parent is, opposed to how functional the parent really is. So in instances such as this, one has to be able to do battle, and win the war without alienating the parent. It is draining on all individuals that are involved. So now the days are longer, perhaps you get those dreaded middle of the night phone calls. Now the child is a nervous wreck, but the child has to take care of his or her self to be able to care for the parent. The child doesn't think that not eating well, putting off his or hers doctor's appointment, or anything else that has to do with the child's well-being is important. The child has tunnel vision when it comes to the parent. The child is most important to the parent, and sometimes the child just has to stop, and take care of the child first. The child is no good for the parent, if the child is sick and or totally fragmented. Normally it doesn't take much for one to get back...

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