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It is orientation for millions of high school students across the nation. Students are roaming the halls with their friends talking about schedules, classes, and clubs to join. As they walk through the halls of their high school, they see table after table. Each table represents a different club or organization the school has. The students are bombarded with comments on why they should join this one or that one. There are the community service clubs, the outdoors/sports clubs, and the academic clubs. A majority of the students across the nation will be joining some type of club. The ones that have the most members are the community service clubs. Why are so many high school students volunteering for community service? Is it because they genuinely care about helping others? Or is it that it will help them get into the college of their dreams? For most of the high school population it is the second one. Students join these clubs not because they enjoy helping, but because they will benefit from the volunteering. High school students are selfish and only car about themselves.
Community service clubs and organizations will undoubtedly have more members than the clubs such as chess or rugby. Why is that? Every year teachers and advisers tell students that colleges look for a lot of extra curricular activities, but not just any extra curricular activity. They look for the ones that will build a better person. Colleges would rather have a student who volunteered hundreds of hours instead of a student who was in the school play. They would rather have a person who helped the less fortunate than a person who was in Food Appreciation Club. Colleges only want the best of the best to represent them. Teachers and advisers tell these students that joining clubs such as Key Club and Habitat for Humanity will look good on a college resume and clubs like Film Appreciation and Drama Club are somewhat useless. And almost every single high school student will take this advice into consideration when looking for some type of extra curricular activity.
When I was in high school, I know that teachers told me these things about extra curricular activities. I know teachers told me I would not get into a good college without clubs. I know teachers told me to do volunteer work. I am the perfect example of how most high school students are selfish and only care about themselves. I joined Habitat for humanity because helping build houses for the less fortunate would look respectable when applying to colleges. I joined key club because I knew volunteering at elementary schools and fundraising events would look great on a college resume. I left the hiking club, the drama club, and others alone because they are not as appealing as volunteer work. Most students will not admit to it, but they do not join these clubs because they want to, they...

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