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Selfless Service Definition Essay

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Selfless Service
When one sees the word selfless service, he/she literally sees the words self and less, followed by service. Self refers to an individual (in this case, it refers to one’s own interests) and less indicates a lack of, or without. Service can be a synonym of the word volunteering or duty. Therefore, the term selfless service must literally mean the lack of the pursuit of one’s own interests for the betterment of others. There is no measurement of selfless service. No matter what the scenario or who is involved, everyone who is involved benefits from one’s selfless acts. The one who shows selflessness may benefit by receiving a “thank you,” or even just a good feeling of helping others. Of course, the ones who receive the selfless acts benefit from obvious reasons. Selfless service can be shown by anyone and everyone, including a soldier putting his/her life on the line to save a fallen comrade, a husband and father protecting and spending time with his wife and children, someone donating his/her time by volunteering as a tutor or with the American Red Cross or some other goodwill charity, and the teamwork of two or more athletes. Those four examples provide different scales in which selfless service can be displayed. Selfless service can be displayed in regards to one’s nation/military, one’s family, one’s community, and any team sport.
The U.S. Army’s definition of selfless service is “to put the welfare of the nation, the Army, and your subordinates before your own” (“Selfless Service,” The Army consists of teams, in which those teams form a larger size unit, etc. If a team fails, the unit fails. One reason that a team may fail could have something to do with selfishness, which is of course the opposite of selfless service. For example, a soldier named Private Johnson is part of a team. Johnson wants to be the team leader, but the position is already occupied by Sergeant Williams. When Williams gives an order to Johnson, he purposely does not do his best to carry out instructions because Johnson is selfish and wants the glory of being in a leadership position. Because of Johnson’s lack of selfless service, the mission fails. This leads to a quote from Robert E. Hall, a top NCO (Noncommissioned Officer) in the U.S. Army, “Are you truly doing what's best for the nation, what's best for the Army, what's best for your unit, and what's best for your soldiers and their families? Are you taking all of that into consideration, or are you looking at what makes you as an individual look the best?” (qtd. in
The family is another scale in which selfless service can be displayed. A man should have a natural urge to spend time with his wife and children. Believe it or not, this is an example of selfless service because a man sacrifices time and money to make his wife and children happy. For example, the Brown family decides to go on a vacation to Hawaii. Mr. Brown does not like the idea of...

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