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Selling Of The President Essay

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The Selling of the President 1968 by Joe McGinniss In literature, various books discuss the theme of advertising. These stories describe the selling of objects, people, or ideas. According to The Selling of the President 1968, a book written by Joe McGinniss, a presidential candidate is required to Asell@ himself to the public to win an election. This story describes the final weeks of Richard Nixon=s campaigning for the presidency and how he utilizes the strengths of television. In the beginning of the book, the author compares Nixon to a celebrity or actor; he must demonstrate himself as a sincere, lovable person, rather than present his ideas to the people. Later in the book, ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, his advertising is a very ideal method, for advertisers and politicians realize that A. . . the citizen did no so much vote for a candidate as make a psychological purchase of him . . .@ (27) Finally, Nixon has various types of advertising methods. For example, he has commercials that create extreme emotional impacts upon the viewers. Also, he has a television show, where a select group of people ask him questions, which helps promote his ideas for presidency. These different methods help Nixon win the election. Jim Sage, a supervisor of the advertisements, states, AWe=re moving into a period where a man is going to be merchandised on television more and more . . . The pupil sits home and watches Gunsmoke and when they=re fed this pap about Nixon they think they=re getting something worthwhile.@ (115) Richard Nixon creates an indistinguishable difference between advertising and promoting one=s campaign by using television.Being an extremely important objective to a televised campaign, the image of a candidate must be brought to perfection to win an election. To win the presidency, Richard Nixon realizes the necessities. A . . . he discussed improvements that would have to be made Cnot upon Nixon himself, but upon the image of him which was received by the voter. That there is a difference between the individual and his image is human nature.@ (26) The voters of the United States do not consider the life of a candidate. Instead, they deliberate over his or her appearance or image to determine whom to vote for in the election. Also involving the image issue, candidates are required to become Acelebrities@ when they advertise on television.AOn television it matters less that he does not have ideas. His personality is what the viewers want to share. He need be neither statesman nor crusader; he must only show up on time. Success and failure are easily measured: how often is he invited back? Often enough and he reaches his goal Cto advance from >politician= to >celebrity,= a status jump bestowed by grateful viewers who feel that finally they have been given the basis for making a choice.@ (29) In his campaign, Richard Nixon is more concerned over his appearance on television, rather than his ideas. This logic indicates that Nixon has to be an Aactor@ to the public, which, in result, causes more votes for him from the easily deceived public. Creating the image of a candidate is a requirement for the likelihood of winning an election.Furthermore, for a candidate to be extremely successful in an election, one must display concern in the interests of the people. In the beginning of The Selling of the President 1968, Nixon prepares a few commercials for his campaign. In all of these commercials, he has a quality that demonstrates his devotion toward the topics he discusses. ANixon had refused the teleprompter from the start. He kept all the figures . . . He kept them all in his head . . .@ (13) Usually, a candidate uses a teleprompter...

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