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Selma To Montgomery March,1965 Essay

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This report will explain how the African-Americans wanted equal rights and voting rights. Hundreds of African Americans decided to march to Montgomery from Selma challenging the government and changing lives forever. In the year 1965, thousands of people marched for their rights. They marched to protest about how the blacks should not be segregated and should be treated fairly. During the march the civil rights activists and many other people were beaten and threatened, they just kept walking. They never gave up and they all knew what they were fighting for. Many blacks were not treated with nearly as much respect as they deserved or wanted.

Thousands of nonviolent demonstrators were gathered by Martin Luther King. The first attempt of marching did not go as planned, the marchers were interrupted by angry mobs and cordons of police. This day was called, Bloody Sunday. The marchers plan was to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and reach the capitol, this goal was not achieved that day. Most of the African-Americans agreed with each other that they should have the same rights as the whites and they should able to vote. If they did not vote they weren't part of the community and living or being in Selma, Alabama meant that they were all apart of the community and had the right to vote. Bloody sunday was televised and many viewers were horrified on what had happened on that day. A couple days after Bloody Sunday, President Johnson asked congress to pass a very important law saying that the protesters could march from Selma to Montgomery.

From this march, many laws were challenged. After Martin Luther King planned another march, it was a successful protest. After the governor sent the police to stop the march the thousands of people did not stop walking, they were going to get there freedom no matter what. Once the marchers demanded to talk to the governor, governor Wallace...

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