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Throughout this semester we have had to write many types of essays. Although this is a college English class there is still room for improvement. I made much improvement during the semester of the class. I was able to identify my weaknesses. I learned how to make improvements to the areas I was having problems in. Although each essay we did was different I was able to begin with one essay and throughout the semester turn it into two other essays. I was able to change my style of writing to fit the type of audience I was working with. I will continue to work on my writing and keep improving it.
As we worked our way through the semester we moved from the Change Project to the Public Argument. I was able to look back at how one essay was developed into multiple essays. The type of paper I was writing determined how I was able to persuade my audience. The audience of the papers changed throughout the semester making the way I developed my paper also changed. In one essay I used the sources to persuade the readers towards agreeing with me. In the other essay I used my own words and thoughts to grab the reader’s attention and have them agree with my point of view on the issue. While one essay was a more formal audience and another was more informal the both required persuasion and attention grabbers. One audience was grasped by the use of facts while the other was grasped by talking about experiences and explaining how the topic related to the audience. While the paper was different each paper required some type of persuasion.
The process of writing papers can be very frustrating. You must first get your ideas together. Getting your ideas together can be one of the hardest parts of writing because you could possibly not know what direction you want to head with the paper. At the beginning I did have trouble choosing a topic but I choose something that I would be able to relate to. The next step of writing a paper was to get the ideas organized so that they could be put on paper. That’s when the outlines came in handy. After coming up with an outline it is time to start writing the paper. After much brainstorming and organizing the ideas the paper is developed. The first draft of the paper may not be the way I wanted but with much work the final draft is exactly how I wanted it. The last step of writing a paper was revising for errors. While errors didn’t just include grammar it also included making sure the paper was organized and that you stayed on topic the entire time. The paper is finally done and ready to be turned in after all the steps have been completed.
Receiving feedback from teachers and peers was a great way of knowing what is wrong with my paper. While you know what exactly you are trying to say in your paper there may be better ways of structuring a sentence and better word usage that can be shown in the feedback receive. Some of the things I received in feedback I was able to fix throughout the semester but some things I am still...

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