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Semester Term Paper: Hippocrates

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Throughout history, millions of people have made contributions to the world affecting life today. Whether it was small inventions, such as the creation of paper clips, or life changing accomplishments such as the discovery of penicillin, the entire world has changed because of mankind. Charles Darwin was one of these people. Darwin was a famous and world-renowned natural scientist who did extensive research about evolution and natural selection. Through work in science, he changed the popular view of evolution from a god-centered viewpoint, to a view expressing the prominence of science (Angyal 5). Another accomplished scientist who changed people’s viewpoint was Hippocrates. Hippocrates revolutionized the art of medicine and was an essential part of history through his new medical ideas, leaving an ever-lasting legacy. The most important primary source about Hippocrates is his own “Hippocratic Oath,” because it informs not only about the relation between the teacher, student, and patient, but it also gives insight into certain aspects of medical diagnosis.
Hippocrates, formally known as Hippocrates of Cos, was born in Cos, Greece, a tiny island very far away from the mainland, in 460 BCE. He later passed away in Larissa, Thessaly which is now on the mainland of Greece (Jayaswal 1). Hippocrates was born to a modest family and his mother, Praxithea, was a common woman and his father, Heracleides, was a physician. Heracleides played an active role in medicine, as he was a priest of a physician group known as Asclepiads. His father worked there for many years, integrating the study of medicine into religion, and performing many diagnoses (Jayaswal 1). Hippocrates eventually had two children, Draco and Thessalus who followed the path of their family, becoming doctors as well (Jayaswal 3). Hippocrates had a very minimal education compared to the education needed by today’s physicians. Going through only 9 years of standard education, he learned reading, mathematics, writing, spelling music, poetry, singing, and physical education (Jayaswal 1). Hippocrates spent many years of his life shadowing his father as an apprentice, learning about science and medicine, which were not taught at his school (Jayaswal 1). While shadowing Heracleides, he observed his diagnoses, operations and his daily procedures (Jayaswal 2). Unlike his education, his career was very extensive Hippocrates spent decades as a teacher of medicine not only in Cos, but also in Thessaly (Jayaswal 4). When he taught, he taught at temples of healing called Asclepieions. The most famous Asclepieions were located at Cos and Cnidus, a city located in modern Turkey. He worked specifically at Coan school in Cos which taught inductive learning, observing patients’ physical and mental state, and treatment (Jayaswal 9). Hippocrates was extremely well known in Greece and word spread to other countries about him. King Perdiccas of Macedonia specifically had called upon Hippocrates to help him with...

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