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Semiconductors And The Changing Nature Of Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering
There has been a significant change in the field of electrical engineering because of various developments in this field. One of the changes has been experienced is the advanced packaging of transactions under the international electrical engineering framework. According to the framework, the electrical engineers have been having significant changes that have influenced the manner of operation as well as the rate of service delivery. Electrical engineers have increased their interests in aerospace engineering by converting some of their valuable assets and technology into functional aerospace facilities. This has influenced greater changes in the operations of engineers in both land and space sectors.
According to an article by Hennings et al., the discovery of microelectromechanical systems will help in improvement of semiconductor processing. The discovery of the tiny but effective gadgets has been seen as one of the greatest discovery of all time. The writers claim that using microelectromechanical-based devices helps in achieving increased performance and functionality. In addition, the writers claim that the devices are cost effective, reliable and do not require more space like the former gadgets. The writers analyze the performance of individual devices that are used in semiconductor processing.
One of the devices that are analyzed by the researchers is a low-flow mass controller. The researchers state that the low-flow mass controller is space efficient and it helps in giving out accurate measurements. In addition, the device is very important in controlling mass flow with changes in pressure and temperature. The device is therefore considered to be highly effective, especially when applied in semiconductor processing. The mass meters are used whenever accurate measurements are required without controlling the flow (Prasanna 1). The claim that low-flow mass controllers are effective is backed up with important information from different sources that address the effectiveness of mass controllers in semiconductor processing.
The researchers make comparisons between the microelectromechanical devices and the current technology and state that these devices are ultra-small in size, making it possible to minimize dead volumes and gas contact surface areas. This claim helps in understanding how effective and efficient these devices are when integrated into the current technology. Complexities in some current technologies, such as scarcity of space, make it hard for most engineers to use big devices. The researchers use a detailed and informative approach to explain about the effectiveness and efficiency of the microelectromechanical devices.
There is a claim by the researchers that the devices are resistant to corrosion. This is because the devices are made up of wettable surfaces that have silicon and ceramic. The combination of silicon and ceramic makes it hard for the devices to corrode and prevents generation...

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