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Global business:According to what we have seen from the video "The Party's Over - How The West Went Bust - Part 1" and from our own research. We think an enormous amount of things had happened over the past few years, both in the real world of economics, politics, and business, and in the academic world of theory and empirical research. According to Robert Peston interviews with the economists, bankers and politicians, they stated that the eastern country (like China) has become more successful in terms of global businesses unlike the western countries (like the U.S, U.K) which have faced a lot of economic crises during their struggle for the successful global business. The economist predicted that the eastern countries should be taking more of overseas loan for their infrastructures, and that the western countries shall be providing loans to these eastern countries. But, their prediction turned out to be wrong it was vice versa the eastern country like China turns out to be a producing country which means that they produce more than what they consume, so this results as China having a surplus of money. Whereas, the western countries like U.S, U.K are consuming country in the other words they consume more than what they produce. Therefore, this causes the western countries to run out of money, so, they are more dependent on the loans from the overseas. When the western government started taking loans from the overseas they had faced a lot a problem, one of such was they were unable to pay back the debt to the overseas. Hence, borrowing money from banks, governments and households has left most of the western countries helplessly in debt. This resulted as a huge corruption in their country. On the other hand, eastern country like China were just seeking forward to globalize their businesses even though they were producing a low quality product instead of taking loans from elsewhere in the overseas. Even though, new economic systems like the "Big Bang" economics was introduced in the western countries. In which this economic system allowed big international banks to buy up a stock broken firm. But, this was also not successful as it caused manufacturing in the western countries to shrank, made its economy to become more imbalance, and unable to grow. As a result this caused a lot of gaps between the rich and the poor according to interview by Robert Peston. Still, the western country didn't give up they tried finding another way in...

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seminar Essay

874 words - 3 pages Global business:According to what we have seen from the video "The Party's Over - How The West Went Bust - Part 1" and from our own research. We think an enormous amount of things had happened over the past few years, both in the real world of economics, politics, and business, and in the academic world of theory and empirical research. According to Robert Peston interviews with the economists, bankers and politicians, they stated that the

Seminar Essay

2984 words - 12 pages Nowadays, Smartphone is one of the important things in our daily life, it allows user to check email and offer a complete internet experience. Besides that, Smart Phone is one device that takes care of your handheld computing and communication needs in a single, small package. In Malaysia, Samsung S3 and iPhone 5 have been introduced and became popular as compared to other smart phone. (“2012 Fendelman,” par.2) The Samsung S3 is a smart phone

Academic Community Seminar

866 words - 4 pages these courses are fairer in preparing students for assessment; therefore, they eliminate achievement bias due to student educational background. Both the given Seminar paper, and my self-assigned paper elucidate the contribution of active learning in large introductory biology classes to student achievement, with similar results. Both papers affirm that active learning increases student academic achievement and participation. Furthermore

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2026 words - 9 pages : Oxford University Press. Cullen, T.F., Agnew, R. Criminological Theory: Past to Present. New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Intro, Chapters 1, 3, 4) Feldmeyer, B. Seminar in Criminology. Lecture notes 2/19/2014. Sherman, W.L., Smith, A.D., Schmidt, D. J., Rogan, P.D. (1992) Crime, Punishment, and Stake in Conformity: Legal and Informal control of Domestic Violence. American Sociological review 57, 680-690. Stafford, M., Warr, M. “Re

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3562 words - 14 pages World Religions: Jainism Seminar ScriptIntroductionAS: Hello and welcome to another session of 'Religion at a glance.' I'm your host Ariba Shah and today's topic is: Jainism **. We'll begin today by asking you, our audience, what you know about the religion of Jainism. (write on board)**Jainism is a religion that began in the Ganges Basin in Eastern India around the 5th - 7th century BCE. Jainism preaches that there isn't a founder of the

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Seminar and Drill

708 words - 3 pages Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Seminar and DrillThe endeavour of the Bureau of Fire protection is to spread the knowledge of fire prevention and fire protection. The bureau had been conducting seminars and drills to various communities to train the public on how to prevent fire disasters and what to do in case when the unfortunate event happens. Accordingly, the bureau was so eager when the chemical engineering students invited them to

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1281 words - 6 pages Exploration and colonization of North and South America were ultimately not beneficial in the 15th and 16th centuries because it wiped out many cultures and did more harm than good. First of all, the Europeans forcibly converted the Natives to Christianity. This had a great negative impact because it resulted in the loss of native cultures. Over time, many Native American languages started to disappear from common use and English took over. Many

Socratic Seminar

781 words - 4 pages Argument #1: The United States and Mexican War was unlawful. America acted supreme over Mexican land and their rights without a valid reason. The US government used Manifest Destiny as excuse to expand borders and go to war with Mexico. The term “manifest destiny” was born by John O’Sullivan and was thought of a year before the war began. During the year 1846, people were moved by manifest destiny and seeked influence from the government to

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655 words - 3 pages When one thinks about educational opportunities, it is most likely schoolhouse, college, and even university settings that may come to mind. As Stubblefield and Keane (1994) point out in Adult Education in the American Experience (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994), “provisions for educating adults, however, did not take shape around a single institutional form” (p. 1). Throughout the first two parts of their 1994 book Adult Education in the American

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701 words - 3 pages The Children’s Ministries department of the Southern Asia Pacific Division held another historic Division-wide Children’s Ministries Convention in Bangkok, Thailand in August 21-25, 2013. This was attended by more than 200 participants throughout the Southern Asia Pacific Division under the able leadership of Dr Miriam L. Andres. We praise God that inspite of the inclement weather and storm, Manila then was flooded, domestic and international

SEMINAR - Swift and The Historical Content in 'Gulliver's Travels'

1443 words - 6 pages SEMINAR - Swift and The Historical Content in 'Gulliver's Travels'.As the text is complex and has two and half centuries of fierce criticism with regards to Swift's character and the content of the text and its meaning, it has been necessary to reduce the seminar topic too a manageable section.In this seminar I will be discussing one aspect of Swift and the text 'Gulliver's Travels', that of the historical content and its focus and its indirect

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1026 words - 5 pages As my freshman year comes to a close, I need to reflect on my classes and what I improved on. I looked back at my seminar class and where I started compared to when I ended. I made improvements in some areas like distinguishing multiple senses of a text and my oral communication. I did not regress at all, but I did not improve in my ability to analyze arguments to form a well reasoned thesis or pursuing new understandings through collaborative

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832 words - 4 pages This seminar paper will look at a poem written by Maya Angelou, Still I rise, 1978. An analysis of this poem will be provided, exploring the meaning of the poem and the language used to present a certain image to the audience. This poem is Maya Angelou explaining the problems she has overcome such as; racism, sexism, bullying and other problems in her life which she has managed to move on from. This poem is set in a first person narrative

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2577 words - 11 pages 1. What rhetorical device is most commonly used throughout “Ketchup Conundrum” and “Something Borrowed?” How is this device used effectively by Gladwell? In other words, what does it add to the essay as a whole? For “Ketchup Conundrum” I think that Gladwell mostly focuses on logos. More of logical facts are presented to the readers to show his research in the field of mustard and ketchup. Logos means persuading by the use of reasoning. It is

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990 words - 4 pages The "big 3" in sociological theory are Durkheim, Weber, and Marx. Discuss how each of these theorists differed in their views on the key drivers of social change in modern societies.Each of the three theorists developed their ideas in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. Despite the fact that each of these people witnessed a world in which capitalism grew to become the dominant and controlling system of economics, all three men developed