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Seminar Entry Essay

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When one thinks about educational opportunities, it is most likely schoolhouse, college, and even university settings that may come to mind. As Stubblefield and Keane (1994) point out in Adult Education in the American Experience (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994), “provisions for educating adults, however, did not take shape around a single institutional form” (p. 1). Throughout the first two parts of their 1994 book Adult Education in the American Experience: From the Colonial to the Present, Stubblefield and Keane introduced many prominent patterns pertaining to the field of adult education. One such pattern explored the many different adult education settings that have been experienced ...view middle of the document...

26). These lectures were held on a variety of subjects, and would transform later into sometimes segregated lectures only available to those with the right standing or race. Following the start of public lectures, and the rise of newspapers and magazines, came two educational institutions that “merit exploration” (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994, p. 34). Apprenticeships typically allowed for the learner to live right with the teacher and for a set of mutual obligations to be completed as set forth in a contract. Stubblefield and Keane compare the colonial apprenticeships to similar apprenticeship programs in England saying “colonial apprenticeship copied many of the English patterns…its integration with general education and its accessibility was probably superior to the original English form” (p. 35). White colonialists were not the only ones that benefited from apprenticeships; ‘the institution of apprenticeships…’often served as a step toward freedom’ for African Americans” (p. 38). Alongside apprenticeships came evening schools which were...

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