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Seminar One Case Study

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Nonprofit and for-profit businesses differ in many areas. Perhaps the most important of these is the mission. Nonprofits were created to perform a service for the benefit of society usually through a cause. The purpose or mission nonprofit organization is its reason for existing.
The purpose of a profit-making business is just that, to make the biggest profit possible by selling its products or services. Therefore, as confirmed by Ingram (2014), “the most fundamental difference between nonprofit and for-profit organizations is the reason they exist”.
Since non-profit and for-profit businesses exist for different reasons, obviously their website design will be based on the company’s ...view middle of the document...

Contributors need to know what they are contributing to, and how it will make a difference. Nonprofit organizations tend to have limited budgets and limited involvement from members for planning, designing and maintaining websites. This often results in a site that does not achieve everything that it could for the organization and the people involved. According to Chapman (2009), one of the best practices in designing a non-profit website is to make “the organization’s purpose immediately apparent”. Additionally, Chapman (2009) states, websites need to be donor and volunteer friendly. Most nonprofit organizations rely heavily on donations in order to function and many organizations are accepting donations online, which makes it easy and convenient for donors. Donation information needs to be readily and easily accessible to the donor, including how they can give, what specific programs or purposes they can give to, fundraising goals and progress, and details about how the money is used. In addition to monetary gifts, volunteers who are offering their time and services are critical to most non- profit organizations. The website should provide information that tells people how they can get involved, how it will make an impact, and provide them with an opportunity to express their interest in volunteering. Finally, Chapman (2009) confirms that although design in important, it should enhance the site’s content and the organization’s mission, and not overpower it. Nonprofit organization websites should feature a design that is consistent with the message and culture of the organization whereby branding the organization.
After reviewing three non-profit websites, and implementing Chapman’s (2009), suggestions for nonprofit website best practices, I observed the following information. Project C.U.R.E is the "largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world” (Project C.U.R.E., n.d.). The website invites visitors to take immediate action through donations and volunteerism directly under its mission statement. You know exactly what the nonprofit does and how you can support it as soon as you land on its homepage. On the American Cancer website, although its mission statement is in the lead header, donations and involvement is the fifth tab across that header (American Cancer Society, n.d.). The graphics are understated, as visitors like to see...

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