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Senario Of Bangalore Lakes Essay

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Phase 1 transformation
From 1960-1973
During this period the Bangalore city becomes the capital of Karnataka and administrative buildings established and major public sector industries like BEL, BEML, ITI, HMT etc grew. Earlier to 1960 the Bangalore had textile industries like Binny mill, Ramakumar Mills etc., The trading of Cloths was one of the main Business during this time. The urge for land for the residential purposes of migrated employees increased, and many catchment areas and lakes are converted to residential layout. The transport network was in its infant stage with limited narrow roads and fewer vehicles than compared to the present state of affairs. Tongas and bullock carts ...view middle of the document...

No significant improvement in the transport was seen during this time and the supply and demand of perishable goods were met by the marginal agricultural fields in the Bangalore city. No fallow lands were left; the policies like uluvvanige bumi and conversion of Gomala (grass lands) to agricultural fields has made the farmers to cultivate their land, 277 small lakes and many open wells were built to support the agricultural activities. During this period, the development was based on Von Thunen model of central place theory. The sustainable growth of the city took place in all round developments with agricultural and industrial giving equal importance. Firewood was supplied from the nearby forests for cooking purposes during this time.
Phase 3 transformation
From 1979-1998
During this time, much of the transport network was developed for the industrial supplies. Growth of educational institutions took place. Power production increased and the loss of forests and made to use of Kerosene and LPG for cooking. The era of using electric appliances like the motor pumps in all spheres from agriculture, domestic and industrial fields commenced. During this period, a comprehensive city development plan was implemented, and regions of green belt and yellow belts were identified for non development and many satellite towns like Yelahanka, Kengeri and White Field were developed beyond the city limits. The low lying areas flood plains, grasslands, were occupied by slums and other low income housing colonies giving accommodation for the migratory people. The bore wells which occupied little spaces replaced the traditional wells. The over exploitation of ground water made the nearby lakes and open wells dry. The dry lakes were either transformed to housing layouts. And the depletion of water level in large lakes was encroached. Sequentially many lakes were lost one by one creating a hydrological drought. The increase in impervious surfaces increased the faster run off resulted in flooding in, low lying areas.
Phase 3 transformation
From 1998-2012
During this time, many software and bio technological industries developed with the emerging outcome of established engineering colleges. The revolution of information technology and computer fields with lucrative salaries attracted many software industries to establish here. The comfortable climatic condition with many of pull factors like education, health and employment opportunities helped to establish the foot loose industries. This made the Bangalore as the silicon city of India. The unplanned residential areas with no space for civic amenities demanded the transformation of dry and polluted perennial lakes. As a result, 48.8% of lost lakes were converted to parks and playgrounds during this time.
Transport networks, improved, and many ring roads, and peripheral roads connecting the satellite towns were built. The growth of the city took place in the areas reserved for yellow and green belt areas also. The...

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