Senate Fails To Pass Extension To Jobless Aid

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The government has a surprisingly strong role in effecting the economic statuses of the citizens of the country. This article focuses on the government's role in administering financial aid to people who need it. Financial aid is very important to some families, and they depend on it. Unemployment aid is especially important, as being laid off could hurt a family economically. The Senate refused to pass an extension of these unemployment aids, and this will hurt many families right away.
Loosing a job can really hurt a family, especially if the family was depending on that job. After one looses a job, generally a family depends heavily on unemployment benefits, depending on the family's ...view middle of the document...

Without this extra spending, the economy stays in a stalemate or gets worse.
Although in the short terms the benefits of unemployment aid is beneficial, the long term aid of it can be very harmful to the nations economy. Think of this, the company that a person works for recently went out of business, and that person has been laid off. That person applies for unemployment aid, and receives the financial aid he needs. Within weeks of loosing his job, he starts looking for work. Unfortunately, he does not find anything. Months pass, and he still is unable to find work. After a while, he comes to realize that he is living fine off that check from the government, and stops looking for work.
This is a prime example of why long term unemployment benefits are bad for the nation's economic status. Although it does put money back into the economy, but at what cost? Every tax payer's pocket. Paying for people to sit on their bum everyday, not contributing any sort of skill set to the economy is ridiculous. Right after being unemployed, the financial aid is understandable. However, when depending on government aid for almost two years, not applying any skill set to help benefit the work force, and...

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