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Senator Joseph R. Mc Carthy Essay

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Senator Joseph R. McCarthy

Even though he had humble beginnings, Joseph Raymond McCarthy, a single man, made a profound effect on the entire United States during his career. By following his life and what shaped McCarthy as an individual, a broader picture is brought into the scope of the cause of his false accusations.

In the year 1908, in the northeast region of Wisconsin on a struggling farm, a devout Roman Catholic couple brought a their son, Joseph Raymond, into the world. The McCarthy’s, an Irish-American family, were hard working and industrious on their farm in a rural area of Wisconsin.

Joseph attended a one-room schoolhouse as a boy. He was noted to be a very intelligent child, and finished grade school early. He was observed as an exuberant, outgoing child who was sometimes even intimidating to other children because of his aggressiveness and tendency to pick fights for the fun of it.

Jospeh started his own chicken farm and in no time at all, became very successful in his business. Several years later, however, his luck took a bad turn and he had to give it up. He started working at a grocery store in Appleton, where he moved up to a manager position and was transferred to a store in Manawa, Wisconsin. In Manawa, Joseph made the store a huge success. He brought in all sorts of customers by going around town and all of his attention to his customers. It was shortly after his transfer that he decided to go back to school.

McCarthy put so much effort into his studies that he completed high school in one year, even with extra curricular activities like hiking and basketball and school committies. He continued on to Marquette University in the fall of 1930. After five more years of hard work his ambitions paid off and McCarthy was awarded a law degree for his effort. For the next three years McCarthy worked in Appleton, Wisconsin at a private practice. At this office, McCarthy made constant efforts to gain publicity for himself. Even though the town was composed of a mere 3,000 people, McCarthy had more ambitions than just getting by in a one-horse town. McCarthy studied his fellow lawyers' strategies in the court room and "kept his office open evenings to attract clients." (19, The Life and Times of Joe McCarthy) McCarthy was sure to be at local events and join up with charities. McCarthy wanted attention and wanted to be noticed.

In 1936, McCarthy made his first venture into politics in a race for district attorney. He came in second in this attempt; however, McCarthy ran for judge of the 10th circuit court in 1938. The second time around, McCarthy threw himself into his campaign with a seemingly endless amount of energy. In a state-wide effort to boost his public appeal, McCarthy made speeches touting his slogan "Justice is Truth in Action." McCarthy won the election.

However, once McCarthy attained his position, he...

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