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Senion Project For Producing Electronics Part

1857 words - 7 pages

Senior Project

Project Proposal

Table of Contents:
Executive Summary.........1
Project Operation.........7
Project Scheduling (Gannt Chart) ......11
Bill of Materials.......13
Future Use and Expansion.......14
Hardware Schematics.........15
Hardware and Software Block Diagrams..........18

Executive Summary:

The objective of our senior project is to develop portable lab equipment and software interface for first year college students. The idea of our project is to allow portability and convenience for students to perform basic electronic labs at home. It is meant as a learning tool to generate a comprehensive, hands-on guide for students to use on their own time, while still being cost effective. Our project will utilize the 68HC12 Axiom board, custom built variable power supply and function generator, LCD, and keypad, interfaced with a PC using custom built oscilloscope software and a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Our project will employ a high level programming language using C++ for the development of the oscilloscope data, graphs, and mathematical operations. Our project will use Visual Basic to develop the GUI that will display information and allow a menu selection for the components being used, such as the waveform and frequency. It will also incorporate Assembly language to communicate between the 68HC12 and the PC.

Block Diagram:

The project will first require a password using the keypad and displaying a confirmation on the LCD. It will then require the setting of the desired voltage on the power supply, which can be checked on the LCD. The function generator will be responsible for generating the preferred waveform. The GUI will then display menu options to select graphing utilities used for the oscilloscope and then display the graph with the options selected.

Future Expansion:
This project could also include a multimeter and curve tracer. It could also be improved by having a higher voltage and a better regulated power supply. The function generator could also have higher bandwidth and frequency.

Estimated total cost is $316.

When we visualized our senior project, we decided that engineering and electronic students in college could make use of portable, inexpensive, simple equipment in order to demonstrate concepts off campus. This equipment would not necessarily have all of the functionality and versatility of the lab equipment, but it would be useful in demonstrating concepts. The current lab equipment is great for school, but if students have a need to use the equipment at home such as to finish labs, learn more, or just hobby use, they are left without an inexpensive alternative with the equipment currently on the market. Our solution was to address these issues with our project which we named "Lab In A Box." This would allow students to have a portable oscilloscope,...

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