Senior Address For My High School Band Banquet, Good Speech

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Well here it is. Band banquet time again. A time to recognize our accomplishments and kick-off a new year. But there are 15 of us in this room tonight, who won't be here next year - fifteen members of this band whose time with the Sound of Pride has come to an end. Tonight we can look back on the last four years, with sentiment and admiration. Throughout the last four years we've sweated together and we have won together. I don't think any of us will be able to forget the amazing success achieved throughout our four years of highschool. We've had so many good times.. But more than good times, we've had good friends. Good friends that we'll never forget. In fact, I doubt that any of us have forgotten or ever will forget that first frightening day of freshman band camp. None of us really knew what to expect, some of us were excited, and some of us weren't. In fact, half of us were only there because our parents made us - but by the end of that week, we all had a new impression of what being in band was all about. I'm sure we all remember our freshmen year, the year it rained so much the fifty yard line looked like the Mississippi River, and the year we all thought we'd be carried away by the ants. But after months of marching practice, football games, and festivals, we decided this whole band thing wasn't that bad. That year we put on a Georgia show, in honor of the Olympics. We got a few ones that year, but it was only a shadow of what was to follow.Finally, the freshmen year was over. We were no longer slaves to those horrible seniors, but we weren't exactly the top dogs either. We sat down at band camp to a new song. One More Time Chuck Corea. It's hard to believe, but that song brought us closer together than any four hour practice or bus ride could have. The successfulness of that year's show, including our first one at Showcase, gave us all a new sense of pride and loyalty for our band. By this time we had figured out what Berwick was about. We were about winning, and we were about having a great time doing it.Our Junior year was no less impressive, especially with the awesome new drum majors. Cow and chicken were introduced that year, along with Mr. Scheuermann's new daughters. Not to mention our ones at Showcase, we finished out that year with a trophy...

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