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When my Great Grandma died, I wanted to give something back to the place that took such good care of her. Making a quilt for my senior project gave me a chance to help elderly people that are in the same place my grandma was at. It also gave me the chance to improve my sewing skills and learn how to make a more complex quilt. By making a quilt and donating it to Le Chateau Nursing Home, I learned new sewing skills and got a good feeling donating to a local place.
My project was to make a quilt and donate it to a local nursing home. I planned to meet with Carla Bower, a local quilter, and discuss where to meet to work on the quilt and what types of fabric and materials I need to start. The quilt I made is 25 blocks, 4 pieces of fabric in each block, 2 main borders, and a solid color back. I’ve made simple patch quilts before, but I wanted to go a step further. My quilt has smaller pieces of fabric and a more complicated instructions than I was used to. Carla helped me figure out the steps by showing me how to iron and dew a certain way to make it the best it could be. The nursing home I donated it to I’m pretty familiar with. My grandma was there for a few months and they were very good to her and I’m glad I could give something to the current residents.
I started at Joann Fabrics trying to figure out what fabrics I wanted to use. My mom took me there and helped me figure out what fabrics to get. I was having trouble making a decision on what fabrics to get so I used my quilt book as a reference. My mom pointed out that the border had owls on it so she helped me find my border which was off-white with multi colored birds and flowers. I wanted to make 2 different block patterns so I needed to find 8 different fabrics to use for the inside, 4 for each block. From there I looked for 8 different patterns that went together but were different in their own way. Each of the block patterns I found matched the border. The first day I went to Carla’s shop, she helped me divide the 8 fabrics into 2 sets of 4 for the 2 different blocks. Then she showed me how to measure and cut the fabric in the most exact way. I got more than half of the block cutting done. The next few times I went in, I continued to cut and eventually got it all done. The next step was to sew 2 of the pieces together to start forming the blocks. After getting the 2 pieces sewn together, I ironed the back seam towards the smaller piece of fabric and so the fabric wouldn’t be wrinkled and hard to sew. I continued to add the next 2 pieces, ironing towards the newly added pieces until all the blocks were done. Carla showed me how to put the finished blocks on this giant piece of felt so they would stick and I could decide how I wanted the quilt to look and rearrange the blocks how I wanted. After I had them all up, I realized I only had 24 completed blocks instead of 25. I had 8 extra incomplete blocks that were missing 1 piece each so I went to Joann Fabric and found the fabric that I needed...

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