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“I am the star this is my year... my game,” she thought to herself; “the fate of this game is all up to you”. This was this biggest, most important game of her life. Scouts watching, many fans cheering for her and the rest of the seniors on the team. The nerves were building up. She was shaking from head to toe. She kept telling herself “It’s the same as any other game, you’ve got this Thia”! Truth is... it wasn’t. It was her senior game. The very last game she would ever play on her home field in her high school career.
A lot of emotions were going through her mind, fear, sadness, happiness and excitement. She was afraid because this was supposed to be a tough team to beat. They had ...view middle of the document...

She tried her best to hold back the tears... but she couldn’t do it. She went up to her best friend gave her a hug and just stood there and cried for a minuet.
The music started she and 3 other seniors where leading the group. Warming up to play , getting excited, getting very nervous. Nothing else mattered anymore she was free... she was ready. When she got in the goal for more warm ups she started hopping up and down making herself look intimidating for the team. When her team was shooting on her she was blocking them left and right! She was on fire! Everyone was so pumped up they knew it was time to show everyone what they were made of. It was time for their cheer “MT. BLUE... COUGARS.... MT. BLUE... COUGARS!” the team chanted in the circle. “INTENSITY ON 3... 1...2...3 INTENSITY”!
Here we go. The whistle blow the ball was moving and she was ready. All she could she was the ball focusing on watching the players every move. The girls foot planted, Thia was ready. The girl shoots and..... THIA SAVES IT. Dives and catches it. Covered in to dirt and grass stain already. Shot after shot She was saving it. By half time the score was 1-1, tied right up. Time for the senior recognition. The seniors got their flowers and gifts, hugs from everyone and many many pictures with both the team and their parents. Many tears were shed both tears of joy and tears because it was all a lot to take in. The seniors would never play on that field with them again.
The whistle blew again the start of the second half. The team was communicating very well. Better then they have all year! They ended up scoring again on a corner kick! The goalie never saw it coming. The ball was mostly on Thia’s end but she and her defense were doing an amazing job keeping it out of the goal. Unfortunately the other team had a break away and it slipped right through Thia’s fingers. She was quite angry with herself and may have punched the ground. She didn’t let it...

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