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What is the number one cause of teenage deaths in the United States? In this country a teenager dies due to alcohol related car accidents every twenty-two seconds.
Drunk driving accidents are the number one killer of adolescents (Teenagers and peer pressures. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from). Mixing drinking while driving can be deadly. Teenage drunk driving accidents not only affect the person drinking while driving, but it also can kill or harm others (Alcohol problems and solutions. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from) (Teen drinking and driving. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from) . Every single accident provoked by drinking and driving could have been prevented. If underage drinking is illegal, why do young people do it ? Teenagers usually are influenced by their elders (Alcohol problems and solutions. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from). In the United States, one out of ten 12 through 14 year olds have tried alcohol and continue to do so on a regular basis . There is a more than fifty percent of probability that young adults that have tried alcohol at a younger age may become alcoholics in the near future (Alcohol fatalities. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from). So, why do teenagers take so many risks with their health and behind the wheel? The answer is simple teen drivers tend to think they are invincible and more needs to be done to educate teens on the dangers of drinking and driving.
Through out the years teenagers have been driving without a license. In this century teenagers are decreasing to get their license (Teens getting their driver license. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from ). Teenagers tend to think that just because they know how to pump gas press the brakes and read signs they can drive it is not always that easy. In the United States more that thirty percent of teenagers ages seven-teen through nine-teen still have not gotten their license . Only seventy percent of teenagers have their license in the United States (Teens getting their driver license. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from ). “Car crashes are the number one cause of teen deaths in the United States.” “Every year about two-thousand teenagers are killed due to motor vehicle accidents (Teen drinking and driving. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from ) . About four thousand are injured.” Teenagers have more probability for being in a car wreck than any average person ages twenty on up. Adolescents do not have enough experience driving and that puts them more at risk that the average person. Inexperienced teens tend to make careless errors that they do not notice themselves ((n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.dmv.ca.gov/teenweb/more_btn6/traffic). Another serious reason why teenagers are more likely to be distracted than any other person would be because they are so used to using their phones so often they feel anxious without it and that can cause serious deadly consequences. Teenagers are not good drivers...

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