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Senior Project Detailing Possible Career Opportunities Dutchtown High School 2016 Research Paper

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Marketing and advertisement is looked at as a staple in the western world; something that is necessary for our society to function. However many detractors perceive it to be a negative aspect because it shows false images, gives unrealistic expectations, and markets destructively to impressionable kids (Jensen). A specific instance of this criticism includes; whether prescription drugs should be advertised to consumers. Critics believes since there is a possibility of people being addicted to drugs, that they consumers should not have the authority taking drugs on their own. Also critics think that “Selling prescription drugs like soap makes a mockery of a medical school education" (Rosenburg). Still, critics often overlook that Direct-to-consumer advertising is a very efficient method to treatments to the general public (Holmer). While the direct to consumer advertising of drugs has caused several to become depressed, bipolar, and suffer from insomnia, etc.; prescription drugs should be advertised directly to consumers because increases likelihood of the consumer receiving the proper treatment, educates consumers about treatment options, and informs consumers on health issues/diseases (Roberts).
Advertisement of prescription drugs can encourage consumers to be an active participant in their own health (Roberts). When consumers are informed by these advertisements they become intrigued in their condition. So much so, that they’ll research medical topics online to develop an understanding of particular diseases and symptoms. It is even reported that consumers are constantly bringing physicians’ information, questioning possible treatments and they challenge the doctor’s assessments in concern for their health (American Advertising Federation). In fact, the encouragement that they receive from the advertisements results in millions of Americans consulting their physicians to help improve their health because a number of leading diseases are underdiagnosed and under-treated (Wong-Rieger).
The motivation that the direct to consumer advertising gives to the patients to contact their physicians and engage in dialogue is only a good thing. It definitely increases the likelihood that patients will receive the appropriate care for their health conditions. According to Zeneca this is due to the fact that it “fosters an informed conversation about health, disease and treatments between patients and their health care practitioners” (Zeneca). When the patient and physician discuss the patient’s condition for the first time, it creates an opportunity for the physician to undertake testing and make a correct diagnosis. Furthermore, conversation between the two parties allows for doctors to describe the medicines that may help and to fully explain the known risks regarding these medicines (Roberts). The voice and concerns of the consumer will be recognized and the physician will help guide them.
Similar to how advertisements gets consumers involved into their...

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