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Senior Project On The Importance Of Exercise For Young Children

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Exercise is physical activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness, but it is not limited to simply physical maintenance it can help in mental elasticity. As a small child is developing the brain is still in midst development. You can almost think of the brain as a muscle, but it is not directly exercised. Yet, in the process of playing games or simple activity can sharpen puzzle solving skill and elasticity for children. It still works for older people, but in age the brain becomes less elastic making the best time to give puzzle skills and general increased connectivity is while still a child. Then again one needs not forget the physical fitness aspect of exercises in increasing ...view middle of the document...

My essential question for this project was “how does physical education positively benefit three-eight year olds?” Although this question is rather general, I used its general formulation as more of a guide line to keep in parameters of, but not in restrictions of. Meaning that it is a question that I hoped would raise even more questions for knowledge is derived from the asking of a question, but wisdom is knowing where to go from there. This reason why most of the questions that I ask have a tendency to be vague. I found that this question was successful in it purpose for why I synthesized it in the first place for the project.
Skill and knowledge at the work place can be a double edge sword some places want something one way, but the other job wants you to do it this way. That is why I try to synthesize knowledge base skills, “this is one way to do it, but here is a better one.” This allows for cupellation of finite different between jobs. So the skills and knowledge that I learned or required are as the following: Work ethic defined in my terms as the effort expended during the carrying out of the job, work experience defined to me as the knowledge of a job field and what it takes to perform it, worker interaction being the sociability of a person to other persons in the work place, attention spans of kids, conflict handling, just how important exercise to kids is, and that a child needs proximally sixty minutes of tiring extended play or activity each day.
The obstacles for this project were things that I have never ran into before so it was reasonable confusing to me. Patience in this job field is definitely a must have, without that, this job is definitely not for you. The following obstacles are the ones that I found: unhappy kids, insubordination, time handling, attention spans, and physical capability. I learned rather quickly that little kids cry often for things that are less then reasonable, but I will not go into the ethics of things to cry for or not. One thing that made for one unhappy kid is ending a game or activity on their turn. So to counter this I started the next activity with them although I still had those in which this did little to quell them. So another way I handled it was to give prior warning to when a game will end although there were still unhappy kids so I decided that it was just going to be a given aspect of teaching. Insubordination, some times they just do not listen in fact I did not have this problem to badly until the six-eight year olds. I actually made them take a knee near the equipment box and look at it without touching a single thing and not talk. I did this because I told them not to get the equipment out of the box several different times so I composed this as to hopefully help them with listening skills. I...

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