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The Elderly Essay

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The term Ageism is practiced by many of America's youth who lack nothing short of ignorance. Many individuals use discriminative terms to falsely describe the elderly. We forget that despite their advanced age, they're people full of life that are purely undergoing senescence, the universal and inevitable changes that all of us experience from the time we are born. Wilbert is a gentleman who must combat multiple ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease. These are merely from secondary aging which encompass changes that are due to illness, health habits, and other individual differences that have expedited his degeneration physically.



-secondary aging

He is part of the one-third of elderly people who have hypertension. His blood vessels, veins, and arteries are suffering tremendously because they have a buildup of calcium. He has had several stents implanted within his legs and heart, so he has a harder time walking around for extended periods of time. It doesn’t help when he coats his food with a surplus of salt, partly due to the decrease in taste buds, an overuse of salt can increase one’s chances of developing hypertension.


-loss of taste sensory

Will was in the hospital with a heart attack scare and he had been there for many hours. After arguing with the doctors to let him go outside and smoke they finally allowed him to go to the gazebo on the rooftop. He was standing in the cold wearing a hospital gown with his children as he smoked and had a moment of clarity. As he saw the look of disappoint in his boys, this made him think about what he could lose if he died. What he realized on that rooftop was that he had been smoking for over 40 years. Just by the glance of his children’s eyes was all the motivation he needed to quit for good. From figure 17-8 in the text, they projected the percent chance that either an active or inactive male will reach the age of 65 free of coronary artery disease, stroke, or diabetes. Wilbert would fall under the category of men who are inactive, have formerly smoked, and have a BMI of 30+, therefore his chances are roughly 55%. Unfortunately, Wilbert is not able to say he reached 65 unscathed due to his eating habits and lifestyle. His physical capabilities may have slowed him down, but he makes up for his weaknesses through his wits.

-smoking linked with coronary artery disease, stroke, and diabetes

Plasticity is defined as the degree to which a developing structure or behavior is susceptible to experience. We can always learn something new even at an older age such as speaking another language or to play sudoku puzzles. The human brain is a fascinating structure that is hard to understand. However, when thinking of the mechanics we as humans have infinite capabilities to what we can do. They say that people who are 65 years and older are less likely to use technology because of a lack in motivation or a cognitive barrier such as fluid...

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