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Sense And Domain For Father Essay

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Saeed defines sense as “the semantic links between elements within the vocabulary system is an aspect of their sense, or meaning.” In dictionary, father is defined as “a male parent in relation to his natural child or children.” This meaning is derived from the (nuclear) family view of parent and children relation. Then, what is a family? According to dictionary, family means “a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.” In this sense, father is a important participant in the parents and the family domain. Therefore, parents are a base for father (as much as it is also a base for mother) and a family is a base for parents. So, I can say that a family profiles parents and parents profile father. In this context, father belongs in the domain of parents directly and then in the domain of family for an extended concept. Accordingly, the domain of father becomes parents and then family. Back to the dictionary meaning, father as in “a man in relation to his natural child or children” corresponds to the parents and family domains.
Dictionary also defines father as “a term of address for priest in some churches.” This sense seems different from the father / child relation at a glance. Are they really different in terms of domains? As a non-native English speaker, to get better sense of this, I asked native English speakers to explain why people call the priest a father. Their answers are summed up in an agreement. According to the answers given to me, when people say, “prey for me, father,” they refer to the priest as a surrogate father for God. People actually (want to and think they are) talk to God through the priest. Also, people, who go to church, consider themselves as children of God and God’s creation. So, this approach intersects the father/child concept. Then, how do I apply this concept into domains/frames? As the priest in this case acts as a surrogate father, I might say the priest is a father (God) of family. Unlike the nuclear family members, the mother seems to have no place other than “Virgin Mary.” As this is in regards to father, I will not discuss further about mother figure in this God’s family. Naturally, the followers of belief are the children in the family concept. Are the churches the houses for these families? Although the family concept can be applied to this sense of father as in God, the domain seems rather wider (maybe just religious) than a family concept. In a narrow...

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