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"Sense Of Humor" And The Art Of Characterization Are The Two Things That Shine The Prose Quality Of Addison And Steele, Do I Agree? Comment

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Steele had a great experience of the town and he saw the development of the city life. He became aware of the vanity, ignorance and selfishness which reined the town. He had a keen insight into human nature and knew the dangers of false ideals. Which he tried to presents his essays for the reader's .Steele and Addison addressed themselves to the society in the middle classes. in 18th century the people wants to be educated and try to improve their manner but this desire loose their morality and they became fashionable .Their essays shows the best picture of the new social life of England.Sense of humor......they both are the social reformer. There is a conflict and tension of the society which they wrote in. and also conflict between rural and urban and also there is a political and social tension. Though they are the social reformer so they want to change their society through their writing and by using their weapon as a satire and irony at his disposal. They show the true satire and that should be general and never hurt the person but attack the vice or folly. They indirectly humor or satire their character.Characterization...the club they made their different characters from different section of the society. Each members of the club are from particular class or way of life in the English society of the time .their characters are shows in realistic manner and which meant to be social types. Addison's essays deal with a variety of subjects, which are topical matters, fashions, gambling, swearing, manners, etc. Anyway, spectator that he was, with a desire to reform the society; he has presented in his essays a vivid picture of the society of the times. He intended to reform the people by holding up a picture of that society and by ridiculing its follies and vices. Addison has the weapons of satire and irony at his disposal. And through these weapons he has at first given the surface picture of the society and then attacked them and finally, he wanted to abolish them.Humor is the most effective in the de coverly papers. Every Sunday, even before sermon or after the bell rings a country fellow finds it a good chance to meet others and he gets used to discuss whole parish politics in the churchyard. Addison used a symbol of goodness and mercy, who is his imaginary friend Sir Roger, the church man who does his best to teach people to be regular and attracts them to their religion by his well behaviors with them by giving every one of them means to pray easily and by employing itinerant singers around the country for the purpose of instructing them rightly in the tunes of psalms. Addison points to Sir Roger as a friend to give a sense of truth to this character. He wants to satire people who care about the outer look of things by Sir Roger who cares not only about the inside of his church and makes it beautiful, but also buys things to church at his own expense. Some people might think this point is just to show how Sir Roger is religious. But in fact...

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