Sensory Writing Essay

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Standing here, in this arena that's larger than five of my houses, I feel like a needle in a haystack. So many people surround me it's like I'm a little grain of sand in a huge ocean. The people in round gymnasium all form a crimson, white, and blue rainbow. Their shirts mesh together like a finely woven shirt with different colors strings. Smelling the concession stand foods, makes me feel like a starving child. The aroma of the melted cheese on nachos, makes me want to be outside having a picnic. The smell of tenderly cooked hot-dogs makes my stomach growl wishing I had some. I can taste the hamburgers as somebody walks by with one. The warm meat, with a sweet barbecue sauce is delicious. Then, a man on a loud intercom yells for the players to come out. The roar of the people surrounding me is like being right behind the jet of an airplane. The deafening noise makes me squint my eyes. I open them though and stand of the lightly cushioned seat. I clap my hands along with the other fans, and my hands feel greasy after just eating a hot piece of pizza. My mouth still has the pasty, saucy taste of the slice in my mouth. I look down towards the court where the players have now started shooting baskets. Their brightly colored uniforms stand out in the glare of the spotlights above. The court has a waxy look, like it was just swept, and the glass backboards, have a shine as bright as a new car. The band starts playing a song and the crowd swings their arms back...

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Rhetorical Techniques in Richard Wright’s Black Boy

641 words - 3 pages Black Boy challenge Baldwin’s ideas. For example, pages 18-19 are purely figures pf speech that convey the writer as being far different than Wright. “There was the languor I felt when I heard green leaves rustling with a rain like sound.” This quote was just one of the sensory enticing statements Wright used to show his delicate way of writing; a way of writing that would not typically belong a lower class black male in the 1940’s. In addition

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955 words - 4 pages versaareas that are not specialised for particular inputs or outputs are known as association areasreading, writing and arithmeticlargely localised to one side of the brain or the otherthese areas are greatly expanded in humans, reflecting our enhanced cognitive abilitiesLevels of processingprocessing of sensory input or generation of motor output involves many different areas of the brain, with each area carrying out one part of the taskthe flow

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592 words - 2 pages body, talking, reading, writing, spelling, speech communication, verbal intelligence and memories. The right hemisphere is associated with 'unconscious' awareness,perception of faces and patterns, comprehension of body language and social cues. The cerebral cortex is divided into four sections, called "lobes": the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe. The diencephalon includes the thalamus, the cerebrum,and hypothalamus

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815 words - 3 pages Empiricism's definition is knowledge and truth are products of sensory experiences and not of purely mental operations. This word is derived from the Greek word empeiria, meaning "experience. With this definition we can conclude and knowledge of empiricism, we can conclude that empiricism consists of two statements: analytic statements and synthetic statements. Analytic statements are statements that attribute a property to something, and with

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1294 words - 5 pages feel after reading a story. Descriptive writing also relies heavily on the use of concrete language and description. The descriptive writer is trying to paint a picture with words, their goal is to “show” the reader how it feels, what it tastes like and how it sounds. They are using sensory details and adding the emotion and or feeling to the writing. ”When you use description in personal writing, you seek to involve readers in the story by

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1220 words - 5 pages that the deficits that can be found in dyslexics are varied, it is not just reading and spelling problem, it is clear "that a significant proportion of dyslexics present sensory/and or motor deficits" (Ramus, 2003), the contrasting nature of certain deficits that have been found to be present in dyslexics has led to a variety of theories to be comprised.The Phonological theory has been predominant for around 20 years, this states that dyslexia is a

"On Writing": Stephen King is chosen as an author that has admirable writing skills

724 words - 3 pages describing verbs, passive tense, and the forming of paragraphs in an easily understandable way.The last two parts of the book are On Writing and On Living: A Postscript. On Writing goes over the fundamentals of writing while the Postscript talks about his life after a car hit him. King says, "stories and novels consist of three parts: narration, which moves the story from point A to point B and finally to point Z; description, which creates a sensory

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621 words - 2 pages Short stories, magazine articles, poems, essays, reports and many more forms of literature can be written with informative aspects in ways that are interesting. Authoras often prefer to gain the readers' attention during the beginning lines of their pieces and to keep that attention throughout their writing. They do this by strategically using interesting and informative writing. This essay will show how authors use interesting and informative

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540 words - 2 pages Angle of Geese and Other Poems MOMADAY had been writing poetry since his college days at University of New Mexico, and this volume incorporates many of his earlier efforts. Momaday admired the poetry of Hart Crane as an undergraduate, and early poems like "Los Alamos" show Crane's influence. Under the tutelage of Yvor Winters at Stanford Momaday developed an ability to provide clear, precise details and images in his verse. As a

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2282 words - 9 pages the moment passes. He also describes that the sublime is the “strongest emotion which the mind is capable of feeling” (Burke, A Philosophical Enquiry). After the sublime sweeps through the mind, the affected can then reflect with rationality on the experience. Concerning the sublime, Longinus addresses the style of the writing. In contrast, Burke focuses on the sensory effects of the sublime, and how it affects the human condition. To

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1213 words - 5 pages Dreams" and "Invitation", both written by Sri Aurobindo while in the Alipur jail, show intense imagination and detailed description, with vivid sensory details, but both vary in the sense that the themes, tones, and styles differ.Sri Aurobindo was born on April 20, 1904, in India. His family was very religious, so obviously their religious views reflected on to him. He began writing poetry when he was fourteen and continued throughout his life

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963 words - 4 pages How does memory work? Is it possible to improve your memory? In order to answer these questions, one must look at the different types of memory and how memory is stored in a person's brain.Memory is the mental process of retaining and recalling information or experiences. (1) It is the process of taking events, or facts and storing them in the brain for later use. There are three types of memory: sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term

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1968 words - 8 pages ). Sandra Ward also says,“Therapeutic riding emphasizes control, attention and focus, sensory management, and communication( verbal and/or non verbal) in order to teach riding skills” (2190 Ward). It is clear that therapeutic riding provides many positive effects for all children that have special needs. However, research has recently been done on how therapeutic riding helps children with autism. “The horse is unparalleled for teaching disabled

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1260 words - 6 pages The human brain is composed of many important parts of everyday life. The exterior part of the brain has 9 part in which include are divided into different sections, lobes, cortex, and areas. Within the lobes, it includes frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes. In cortexes, it has the motor cortex, and the sensory cortex. Within the areas section it includes Broca’s Area. The cerebellum is a small version of the brain, and the cerebrum

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