Sensory Description Of Time And A Clock (On The Wall Of The Freshman Composition Class)

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Sensory Description of Time and a Clock (on the wall of the Freshman Composition class)The clock is barren and devoid of any outstanding characteristics. The circular face is bright white and is studded with sharp, plain, black numbers from one to twelve. They are placed around the edges of the face, with twelve being the number on top and six being the opposite. Nine is the leftmost number with three being the opposite as well. Along with the numbers are little black marks that line the outside edge of the circle. There are four of these marks in between every number, adding up to a total of forty eight, excluding the ones that are behind the numbers themselves.Three long, flat rods are also on the face. These sticks rotate around one fixed end, which is fixed in the center of the circular face. One is shorter than the other two. This one is dark black and spins around the slowest; one would think it is hardly moving at all. The second one is black as well, but is longer than the first. It stretches all the way from the center to the edge of the face. This one moves considerably faster than the first. The final rod is bright red and is ever so slightly longer than the second. It moves extremely quickly: blazing fast compared to the previous two. It may be surprising that all three of these "hands", as they are called, are interconnected. Every time the red hand goes fully around the circle, the elongated, black hand moves one mark in the same direction. And every time this longer black hand goes fully around the circle, the shorter black hand jumps from one number to the following number. The red hand represents seconds. Seconds are incredibly short. They can and will go by in an instant. Seconds can be used to measure things such as the amount of time needed to run a lap or a heartbeat. Fractions of a second such as milliseconds and nanoseconds also exist, but they can hardly be shown on this regular mechanical...

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