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Sensory Evaluation Essay

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1. To distinguish the four basic qualities of taste – saline, sweet, bitter and sour.
2. To identify whether distinctions exist between samples and standard using different sensory test approach.
3. To assess the various cake samples using hedonic and rating scale.


Sensory evaluation is a scientific disciplines that analyses and measures human response to the composition of food and drink. The examples of sensory evaluation included appearance, touch, odour, texture, temperature and taste.

Taste is a sensation created by receptors on the tongue. There are five tastes which are sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. Sweet is having the taste or flavour ...view middle of the document...

Eventually, the triangle test is used when the test objective is to determine whether detectable sensory differences exist between two products and is especially useful when production changes may have produced product changes. Panelists taste the three samples and indicate which sample is different. In the samples, two of them are identical. This test is useful for comparing different brands of the same products.


1. First, the liquid is being tasted. The liquid and biscuit is being taken at alternate interval in order to neutralize the taste bud.
2. Then the paired comparison, duo-trio and triangle test method are being used to find out the difference between jellies.
3. The cake is being judged and evaluated by using hedonic scale.
4. The rating of each group members based on the four principles of taste is being recorded and tabulated.


From the samples we had tested, we can conclude that the sample code 111 and 121 are sweet while 131 is sour. Sample code 141 is salty while 151 is bitter.

As to the sweetness of the liquids samples in 111,112,113 and 114, we found out that the sample 111 is the sweetest while 114 is less sweet. For Table C, the samples taste bitter. The sample 122 is the most bitter while 124 is moderate. Among the samples in Table C, there is no sample which tastes less bitter.

For Table D, the samples taste sour. From the samples we tested, we found out that 133 is the most sour while 132 is moderate sour. The samples from Table E are salty. The sample 141 is the most salty while 142 is less salty. Ultimately, samples from Table F taste umami. The sample 151 tastes umami while 153 and 154 taste less umami.

Next, for jellies, we used Paired Comparison Test, Duo-Trio Test and Triangle Test. In the Paired-Comparison test samples, jellies are labelled A, B, C, D, F and J. Firstly, sample A=B is incorrect while A≠ J is correct. Next, sample C=D is incorrect while C≠ F is correct.

In the Duo-Trio Test, two samples are tested and the panelist identified that samples E=F, E=G and E=H are all incorrect. Whereas, the Triangle Test used samples I, J and K. I=J is correct while J=K and I=K are incorrect.

Lastly, Table 3 is used to evaluate the sweetness of the cakes. All of us agree that the sample C is the sweetest while sample B is less sweet.


All in all, sensory evaluation can be used to compare similarities and differences in a range of products and evaluates a range of existing food products. The preference of each person towards the taste is different. These can be tested by using Paired Comparison test, Duo-Trio test and Triangle test.


1. Explain the difference in the identification of the four principle qualities of taste of the different members in the group.

Based on the samples 111, 121, 131, 141 and 151 that we had tested, all of us agreed that the samples code 111 and 121 are sweet. Sample 131 is sour while 141 is salty. However, there exists a difference...

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