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Sensory Perception Essay

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Sensory Perception
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Sensory Perception
Accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information
The sensory information in my opinion, can provide an accurate view of the world. It is because people’s lives revolve around senses and thought. There are five senses in living things, they include; sight, touch, taste, smell and hear. People’s thoughts are primarily an interaction with the sensory system. The accuracy of the sensory information, therefore, depends on a person’s thinking, fewer distractions in thoughts, sensory information are accurate. Enlisted are the reasons for believing in the accuracy of sensory information (Bueti, Bahrami & Walsh, 2008).
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Human beings sense organs may send deceiving messages when a given stimulus interpretation is wrong. These distortions may be because of the following factors:
1) Past experiences majorly contribute to the accuracy of sensory data. They are purely based on memory which people heavily rely on to determine who they are, who other people are, what is safe or unsafe and what they like. It is a fundamental part of the day to day life. People strongly believe that the past experiences are true.
2) The conditions include the use of one’s sight, taste, hearing, touch and smell determine the message detected and sent to the brain before triggering a response. What one sees, touch or feel, smell, hear or taste defines the sensory information. For example, if one is used to freezing temperatures in a given part of the world, relocating to countries with average temperatures may make them think that it is hot yet it is average. The environment is crucial in sensory perception, hence affecting its accuracy in turn.
3) Beliefs affect one's sensory perception differently. Reality is perceived differently according to its unique understanding, from one’s personal awareness position. Perceptions, interpretations and memory are majorly guided by ones prejudgments and assumptions. I strongly believe that beliefs affect the accuracy of sensory information because the notions of truth or false highly depend on the particular person’s beliefs. Several factors contribute to the accuracy of sensory information such as a person’s mood, energy level and mental and physical health (Boets, Wouters, Van Wieringen, De Smedt & Ghesquière, 2008).
Role of memory in the interpretation and evaluation of sensory data
Interpretation of a stimuli is a process that involves the perception of stimuli by the sensory organs. It can be either of the five senses that include sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. Once the sensory organs receive stimuli, the stimuli are sent to the brain through the associated neurons for interpretation. Interpretation of the perceived stimuli takes place in the brain, giving meaning to that stimulus. According to Sigmoid Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, he shows that the...

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