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Sensuous Dining: Feng Shui Principes Of Dining

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According to Feng Shui principles, dining is a feast for the senses. Eating can be a sensuous experience where all our senses – taste, smell, hearing, touch and sight – get involved. Dining presents an auspicious opportunity to share with your lover.

Like other Feng Shui treatments, intention is important. Take time to set your dinner table as if you are dining in a fancy restaurant. Romantic dining requires a small round table to get optimum Feng Shui benefits. All the better if your table has a glass top for moments of reflection. Spend a few quiet moments sitting at the table, thinking about where your life and relationship is going.

Drape a round tablecloth over the table in a color such a pink, creamy yellow or muted gold, any color except blue or black is good Feng Shui. You can even drape fabric over the chairs to incorporate a sensuous feeling to the room. Use soft fabric such as silk or velvet. Cloth napkins with napkin rings, your best silverware and crystal glasses set the right mood. Use pretty square dishes.

Dim lighting is important for the perfect atmosphere. Add a pair of candles. Remember to position the candleholders so that they are touching to symbolize the union of your souls.

Put a bouquet of peach blossoms or pink peonies in the center of your table. These Feng Shui flowers symbolize romantic love. Be certain to use even numbers or simply place two flowers in a crystal vase.

When you prepare the food everything should be cut evenly. If you are at the point in your relationship where you feel comfortable together, have your partner work with you. Otherwise, make certain your intention of a warm, loving relationship is combined with the food.

The food you select and its presentation sets the stage for a sensual experience. For centuries aphrodisiac foods have inspired and stimulated romantic notions. Among the most popular...

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