Sentencing And Punishment: The Quest For Justice By Susan Easton And Christine Pipe

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Due to the unfair sentencing disparity between crack and cocaine, despite the fact that the two are the same drug, just in different forms, the government endorsed a law to reduce the sentencing of those who were convicted of crack related offenses. Repealing past wrong doings seemed to be a hurdle initially for lawmakers, but ultimately inmates finally received some of the justice that they deserved. The disparity in sentencing was seen by many as to be a racial war, considering the fact that blacks typically used crack, and whites used powder cocaine. Even though they are in essence the same drug, just broken down into different forms.
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The Fair Sentencing Act only works to reduce the disparity and does not eliminate it completely (Davis 2011). While the ratio was once 100-1(crack to cocaine), the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 brought it down to 18-1.
Despite the fact that the Fair Sentencing Act is not 100% fair, it did work to provide many changes in the sentencing guidelines. One of the changes that occurred was no longer requiring a five-year mandatory sentence for those who possessed crack (WOLA).
In the book’ “Sentencing and Punishment: The Quest for Justice”, authors Susan Easton and Christine Piper state different practices used in the judicial field. The book hosted many interesting facts that can easily be overlooked when exploring this topic, but they are as important as some of the basic information concerning they reasons why repealing past laws and enforcing the Fair Sentencing Act was important. While it has been discussed before, whites and Hispanics constitute the majority of cocaine offenders (Easton, et al.). To no surprise, black young men in Texas had the highest penalties of all users. This could definitely be because of the fact that Texas is known to have strict laws, especially concerning drugs. Often times, non-violent blacks served more time than violent whites (American). The most interesting of the facts was the one that related urban areas to selling drugs. Since black males are more likely to populate urban cities, they are more likely to commit crimes near school zone, which could bring about more charges After thinking about the specifics of urban areas, it could also be concluded that due to the demographics, conspiracy is more likely to occur. Conspiracy is when more than one person is involved in a crime; which brings about more charges. The Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 was a relief on prisons. Due to the overcrowding of jails and prison because of the economy, the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 allows for more violent offenders to occupy jails, reducing the amount of those who had measly drug charges. (Easton, et al.).
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