Sentinel City Community Windshield Survey Essay

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Sentinel City Community Windshield Survey

A community is defined as a group of people who live in the same area, where they interact with each other and share common interests, beliefs, needs, resources, and environment (Harkness, & DeMarco, 2016, p. 189). The windshield survey is a personal collection of observed data while walking or driving a car or using public transportation in the community. The purpose of this assignment is to complete a virtual experience of Sentinel City. During a tour, the primary focus will assess the core of Sentinel City community environment through windshield survey method, which identifies the community dynamics and exposes the community’s health related problem.

Characteristics of People in Sentinel City Community

The Sentinel City community windshield survey on the bus begins from Ashley Road in Acer Tech Center neighborhood. With a population of 168,390, the culture is somewhat diverse, where the region consists of predominately White (70.2%) and Hispanic or Latino (13.7 %). People working in this community has an average household income of $166,300 (Sentinel City, 2015). The overall appearance illustrates a clean neighborhood with beautiful modern architecture buildings. Along Ashley Road, the community offers health facilities such as Med care urgent care center and dentist office. The community has many outdoor eating areas and Italian restaurants. Men and women are on sidewalks and biking along the street. In Acer Tech Center neighborhood, there are mostly adults outside, but there are some children with their parents.

The bus travels into Casper Park District, which has a population of 652,643 consisting of 63% White, 24% Latino with median household income of $80,134 (Sentinel City, 2015). For the most part of this community is clean with old buildings. There are small “fruits and veggie” vendors along the road and more businesses are within the Casper Park District such as daycare, bookstore, Sushi restaurant, art gallery, barber shop, and coffee bean stores. There are adults and teenagers walking along the sidewalks and socializing in the outdoor eating areas. Traveling further into the area, some buildings’ outer walls have graffiti. Toward downtown, the roads show sign of age and ware with some cracks that need repair. There are some trash bags outside of the older buildings with dumpsters close by the main road.
Just outside of Casper Park District, the bus continues toward Industrial Heights neighborhood, which has 38,855 population and predominately 46.8% Latino and 13.1 % African American with average household income of $24,672. The community consist of old buildings and there are more graffiti on outer walls. There are adults and teenagers walking along the street, where some appears to be heading toward an old “Grocery Store” or “Downtown Store”. Throughout the area, the roads are dirty with cracks and debris. There are many...

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