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Sentinel City Windshield Survey Wgu C228 Essay

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LOCATION: Sentinel City
Demographics: Sentinel City has a total population of 634,265 and consists of 4 adjoined neighborhoods(cite). The majority of residents (80.6%) are white males and fall between the ages of 18 and 65. The average household income of Sentinel City residents is $49,091, but there are significant average income differences between the four neighborhoods and will be explained further in the assessment. Sentinel City falls below the national average in household income, which is currently $51,939 (cite). The amount of city residents living below poverty level is currently 18.9%, which is higher when compared to the national average of 14.5%(cite.) This information was obtained prior to exploring the individual neighborhoods via bus travel and walking. The following assessments will describe the variations between the four neighborhoods that make up Sentinel City.
Industrial Heights: I decided to explore this neighborhood first, as I was also searching for the Community Health Center. This area appeared to be older, with buildings in various states of neglect and abandonment. Most of the apartments and shops were tagged with graffiti and some even had burning trashcans in their alleyways. There were not many cars in this neighborhood, and it appeared that most of the residents travelled by foot or public transportation. The population of this neighborhood is 38,885 with Hispanic/Latinos making up 46.8% of the primary ethnicity and Black/African Americans taking the secondary ethnicity at 13.1%(cite.) I noticed several stray dogs roaming the streets here, which puts this neighborhood at a higher risk for animal bites or rabies infections. This neighborhood has the lowest median income of the four at $24,672. The number of uninsured Industrial Heights residents is 37.5%, but I did finally come across the Community Health Center near the Interfaith Church. This facility offered mostly women’s health services (contraception, breast/cervical cancer screenings, pregnancy support) but they also offered clinical intervention for STI’s. The church appeared to be operating a soup kitchen, whose services are used by 64% of the neighborhoods homeless population. I did not see many police officers patrolling the neighborhood.
Casper Park District: This Sentinel City neighborhood has the highest population of the four at a hefty 352,643. This neighborhood is made up of 63% white and 24% Hispanic/Latino populations.

The population observed was overwhelmingly white, with some Hispanic, African American, and Asian people were observed. The groups are residentially located with the highest concentration of white, residents at the center of Borough Park and other groups dispersed throughout the community with a concentration of non-white residents at the edges of Borough Park. Racial and ethnic characteristics of the community are most evident at synagogues and private schools, many of which depict the...

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