Seo Tactics For Php Developers Essay

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The SEO Game:

Search Engine Optimization is an effective process of pleasing the search engine crawlers or bots. Different strategies, tactics and techniques deployed to attract the search engines to index and rank the web pages well. The prime goal of doing SEO for a website is to increase the traffic to a website through better exposure in search engine results page (SERP).

White hat and black hat are the two basic kinds of SEO techniques. Black hat SEO is now dead; according to different research data and industry experts. The trending white hat SEO system comprises three modules, i.e. Inbound links, Content and Technical side. All of these three sections of an effective SEO strategy prefixes the term “Quality” after the search engine algorithm updates like Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Also the introduction of Web 2.0 prioritized the user views for excelling in internet.

SEO and PHP:

According to data, PHP is the most popular programming language used for developing websites with over 65.51% usage of the Top Million websites. This foremost website programming language is a framework itself and lets the website developers create user friendly web pages easily. The trending responsive web design and making it interactive are the added features of the PHP language.

The PHP developers who are familiar with SEO prospects can easily extend their PHP codes to make the web pages search engine friendly. Moreover the SEO ignorant PHP developers will start building SE friendly websites after going through this article.

How to Code a Search Engine Friendly Website with PHP?

1. Use dynamic

Using a dynamic header.php file via an include statement eliminates the need of typing the same codes repeatedly for every page. Actually the header portion of the webpage plays a vital role in SEO so, using PHP variables the developers can easily put dynamic values (unique to each page).

2. Use page-specific PHP variables

Using unique variables like $pageTitle, $pageDescription, etc changes the Meta part of the webpage(s). These variables need to be coded before include(header.php) statement.

• $pageTitle - According to the Google guidelines, the title text of every webpage needs to be unique and relevant to the page contents. So, using the $pageTitle variable before the header file inclusion let’s tag unique SEO beneficial titles for every webpage.

• $pageDescription – Same as Meta title, the Meta description of the webpage should be...

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