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Sep Paper

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Today's society has an eating problem that needs to be solved. “The WHO [World Health Organization] estimates that more than 500 million people worldwide are obese, and that the number could grow to 700 million by the year 2015” (“Obesity” par. 2). It is common for obesity to be accompanied by others diseases, as well. The food that is being consumed is less than ideal in most cases. There is little to no nutritional value in the foods being eaten on a daily basis. Living in a fast paced world means not having time to cook nutritional meals at home stopping at a fast food restaurant is more convenient. Eating at a fast food restaurant is not the worst thing for a diet, but the frequency is a large factor into the misdirection of a diet. Not only is the food poor by nutritional standards, but the amount of food being eaten is through the roof. Over-eating is an epidemic that needs to be dealt with. Exercising also seems to be a dying art that does not accompany eating these days. Exercising is as easy as walking around the block. The world needs to think about what it is doing to its image and health. Eating healthy is crucial to maintaining heart health, staying physically fit, and fighting obesity.
Maintaining heart health is one of the many benefits of eating healthy. Heart disease prevention diets have been shown to work. These diets are commonly called DASH diets. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Such diets include: many vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products and whole grains. (“5 Medication-free” par. 1). The foods included in these diets are healthy choices that replace junk foods that contain high amounts of sugar and salt. As far as the fruits and vegetables go, the types of fruits and vegetables consumed should be varied (“How” par. 5). Fruits and vegetables not only help fight heart disease, but they also help fight and prevent cancer. Apples, oranges, pineapple and grapes are all great examples of different kinds of fruits one can consume. The recommended amount of servings of fruits and vegetables per day is five to ten (“5 Medication-free” par. 6). It has been proven that vegetarians have a lower chance of getting heart disease because of the amount of vegetables and fruits that they consume on a daily basis (Smolin 69).
Low fat diets show great results in the fight against heart disease. There is a large amount of fat in many fast food items. Contrary to popular belief, there are beneficial fats. Omega 3 is one exception to the idea of all fats being bad for a healthy diet. It is a polyunsaturated fatty acid. Some of the facts of Omega 3 are that they, “...may decrease risk of a heart attack, protect against irregular heartbeat and lower blood pressure” (“5 Medication-free” par. 7). Omega 3 can be found in high amounts in many types of fish. Mackerel and salmon are both very exceptional sources that contain a large dose of this fatty acid. Beans have been known to hold a...

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